Earth Astrology: Raven


According to SunBear’s Earth Astrology, Raven is the Totem animal that corresponds to the Sun sign of Libra.

Raven is the keeper of magical law, teacher of natural law and dances with civil and social law.  They teach us to see the foolishness of civil/social law and to not be deceived by religious law.  Raven, Crow and Snake know the secrets of the twenty-count and communicate with numbers.  Raven teaches the power of light and communication with nature.  They know sacred law and can be the messenger for sorcerers and shamans. They are also known as a Trickster.

Crow, a member of the same family of birds as the Raven, has the ability to cloak and shadow.  Crows are the keepers of all natural law and messengers between medicine men.  They teach of civil and social law and dances with magickal law.  They also know the secrets of the counts and communicates with numbers.

To learn more about Ravens and Crows, how they think, communicate, share knowledge, and so much more, check out this documentary.



Animal Medicine Monday – Snow Goose

Creative Commons Attribution Share AlikeSnow Geese – Credit: Cephas, Wikimedia

Snow Goose is the Sweet Medicine animal totem within SunBear’s Earth Astrology that corresponds to the sun sign of Capricorn.

The Snow Goose is the Bringer and Keeper of the earthly, personal and tonal dream, meaning how we live our every day life. Do we have a roof over our head, food in the pantry, gas in the car?  Are our bills paid?  Are our bodies healthy?  They are also the Keeper of mirrors and the masks of self, our Book of Life.  Who do we know ourselves to be?  How do people, events, and relationships mirror our self-concept? Are we aware of when we wear a mask to fit in, conform or belong or as an act of controlled folly?  Snow Goose helps us to translate the screenplay our Higher Self wrote it in our Book of Life, bringing clarity to our awake dreaming.

You might recognize some of Snow Geese’s traits that you relate to… They don’t like to travel without the company of another couple dozen geese and can form flocks of several hundred thousand. Snow Geese stay with the same mate for life. During spring migration, large flocks of snow geese fly very high along narrow corridors, more than 3,000 mi.

Animal Medicine Monday – Elk

Elk, the largest and most regal member of the deer family, are the totem animal corresponding to the sun sign of Sagittarius.

Elk are fast, good jumpers, and considerate.  While traveling in gangs, they take turns making trails in the snow.

Elk are master teachers and healers, as well as the awakener of the unconscious. This keeper of thunder and lightning teaches us to “hear the lightning and see the thunder,” which helps bring us from fantasy into the light of knowledge.  Master of rules and laws; Elk teaches us to resolve our karma circles. They are also the guardians of the gateway into the unknown (the nagual or spirit world) and masters of physical sexuality and orgasm.

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Animal Medicine Monday – Raven


We are soon to complete the Sun Astrology of Libra for this year…

We would like to share a few tidbits about the animal totem within Sun Bear’s Earth Astrology that coincides with Libra, the Raven.

Ravens are intelligent, group oriented, and love to play.  Some mate for life.  They can ride on the wind like a hawk.  They know the secret of our communication with nature.

The Raven is the keeper of magickal law and teacher of natural law. It dances with civil and social law in such a way as to teach us to see its foolishness. The raven cannot be deceived by religious law. The raven and crow both know the secrets of the Twenty Count, the power of light and our communication with nature. They are the messengers for sorcerers and shamans. They know Sacred Law.


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Elk Animal Totem: Awakener of the Unconscious

Happy birthday to the Elk! For those not familiar with SunBear’s Earth Astrology, those born from November 22 to December 21 have the elk as their birth animal totem. The elk is the largest and considered the most regal of the deer family.

We can learn so much about our natural selves from the animal world, including how to be more efficient and balanced with our every day energy.
Did you know? The antlers of an elk resemble a tree and are shed annually. During mating season, male bulls charge each other until one succeeds in knocking the other from his feet and gores him.

The winner emerges with the female while the other male limps away. Calves are kept hidden for the first six months of their life to ensure their safety while mom goes out foraging for food.

Spiritually, they are considered the keepers of thunder and lightning, and as such, help awaken our unconscious.


Elk totem people are highly aware of justice and injustice and can be very both impatient and vocal about perceived transgressions in the hope to correct the behavior and/or situation.

If the Elk calling out is out of balance or lacking maturity, his/her behavior can create unnecessary problems. However, an Elk person in balance can bring clarity and insights to benefit all.
What do you think? Where can you add a little elk medicine to your life?


Sturgeon Animal Totem: Deep Diving

Oh ancient, royal fishes … we didn’t forget about you! Happy birthday to the Sturgeon! For those not familiar with SunBear’s Earth Astrology, those born from July 23 to August 22 have the sturgeon as their birth animal totem.

We can learn so much about our natural selves from the animal world, including how to be more efficient and balanced with our every day energy.

Did you know? The sturgeon is among the most ancient fish, dating back to dinosaurs roaming the earth; hence, their thorny, prehistoric physical bodies, strength and ability to survive. Although a deep swimmer, the sturgeon will occasionally breach the water, jumping into the air before going back to its low depths.

As such, people born with sturgeon as their sitting place animal totem likewise tend to show an aggressive thorny exterior to hide their true feelings while being easily hurt on the inside from their soft, sensitive hearts. If in balance, they can spin this medicine in the light to easily feel what others are feeling without it affecting themselves. They know how to dance in the memories of water and be in clear, deep emotions.

What do you think? Where can you add a little sturgeon medicine to your life?

sturgeon image


The Balanced View of the Red Hawk

The Balanced View of the Red Hawk

To all the Red Hawks and those born from March 21 – April 19, a belated happy birthday! How was your birth renewal time? For those not familiar with SunBear’s earth Astrology, the sweet medicine of the Red Hawk is to receive with the mind to fearlessly see all the little details of life that call out for attention.

Did you know? Red-tailed hawks are monogamous and may mate for life. Both sexes incubate their eggs for four to five weeks, and feed the young from the time they hatch until they leave the nest about six weeks later. True male-female balance.

Where can you add a little red hawk medicine to your life today?


First Moon of the Year: Snowgoose Animal Totem

First Moon of the Year: Snowgoose Animal Totem

Happy birthday to the snowgeese! If you’re not familiar with Sunbear’s Earth Astrology, the snowgoose is the animal totem associated with those born Dec 22 – Jan 19. There is much unique about the snowgoose.

Have you ever watched a flock of geese flying in their traditional “V” formation? Two engineers learned that each bird, by flapping its wings, creates an uplift for the bird that follows. Together the whole flock gains approx. 70% greater flying range than if they were flying alone.

How is that for energy efficiency? Can you think of where you can apply snowgoose efficiency within your life?