Volunteer Appreciation, Part 2

We would like to take another moment to say thank you to all the men and women who contribute their time and energy to DTMMS projects.  Specifically:

  • to those who make sure critical publications make it through the translation process from English into Italian, a big thank you!
  • to those who put in the research and compilation time to make sure our Board of Directors has the information they need to make good decisions – thank you!
  • to those who give of their time and skills to keep the various Sweet Medicine SunDance Path events going – a huge thank you!  (For example, Earth Lodge Italy and Earth Lodge Germany)

It is not possible to thank all of our volunteers at once – there are far too many of them.  So we will continue periodically to express our thanks.

Martial Arts Belt Promotion 6/9

Congratulations to John Kent III, who earned his promotion to blue belt in Kenpo through Harley SwiftDeer Reagan’s Ten No Kishi Dojo on Wednesday June 9!

Ten No Kishi classes meet Monday and Wednesday evenings at the DTMMS Center (see the DTMMS web calendar for details).