Vision Quest in the Pacific Northwest August 17-23

Looking for another place to do ceremony in nature this August?

The Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge in the Pacific Northwest is hosting its ceremonial week August 17-23
on beautiful ceremonial land in Washington state near Mt. Adams.

Beautiful natural setting in Washington state

From the 17th thru the 23rd, both Apprentices and seekers can experience a week of gateway and/or personal ceremony.  Gateway ceremonies facilitate our spiritual and personal development through the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path gateway process; personal ceremonies are designed for the individual to support working with his or her life situations, questions, and issues.  The leaders of the Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge can design personal ceremonies for you, based on your needs and desires.

For more information, contact Martha at LIGHTNINGRAVENS@COMCAST.NET.

The leaders of the Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge: Mateo (r) and Martha (l)

Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge, a lodge of the Sweet Medicine SunDance path formed in 2006 by Mateo Swan and Martha Iosbaker, offers a compelling assortment of opportunities for the curious as well as the serious student. Martha and Mateo bring their diverse skills and interests together to work hand-in-hand in creating the programs of the Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge.

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Celebrating Women’s Life Stages: Menopause Weekend, Aug. 24-26

Women in any stage of Menopause are invited to join us
at magical Foxglove Gardens for a cool weekend get-away
while addressing the changes we experience at this important stage of life.

Cool, beautiful Flagstaff, AZ

Flagstaff AZ

The setting is peaceful, cool and relaxing while we experience pleasure through teachings, hands-on activities, ceremony, and physicality, all led by Razel Wolf.

“Being Female on this planet is a wonderful blessing and a great mystery.  We will gather together to explore wisdom from the Grandmothers of the Twisted Hair lineage through teachings, interactive experiences and ceremony. Our intent is to discover our own womb knowing using the sage guidance of the Elders. As we engage with the cycle of menopause we change. Let’s demystify this phase and bring out the natural power and beauty of our beings.”

Flagstaff, AZ – August 24-26, 2012

For more information, please contact Kathy at
To Our Brothers and Younger Sisters:
please pass this opportunity on
to your wives, mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, and friends.

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Celebrating a Rare Birth: Bison No. 7’s White Calf

White bison calf is born June 2012Looking for signs?  Here’s an auspicious one: a white buffalo calf was born in Connecticut last month.  Here are a few pieces from the New York Times article, A Bison So Rare It’s Sacred:

…when Bison No. 7 on Peter Fay’s farm gave birth to a white, 30-pound bull calf a month ago, it made the Fay farm below Mohawk Mountain, for the moment at least, the unlikely epicenter of the bison universe.

…Mrs. White Mouse, a member of the Oglala Lakota people, said a white bison was believed to be a manifestation of the White Buffalo Calf Maiden, or Ptesan Wi. She is revered as a prophet, who in a time of famine taught the Lakotas seven sacred rituals and gave them their most important symbol of worship, the sacred pipe.

“They are very rare, and when a white bison is born there is a reason for each one to be here,” Mrs. White Mouse said.


Spirit Camp: Rites of Passage, Family, Vision Quest – This August in Ontario, CA

Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies (ICSS)

ICSS – Ontario, Canada

Another opportunity to participate in the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path Rites of Passage and vision quest ceremonies is coming this August 12-16, in beautiful Ontario, Canada.

The Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies (ICSS) is hosting Spirit Camp, a week-long sojourn in nature encompassing Vision Quest students, Rites of Passage, and Family Camp, featuring:

  • Ceremony that supports and heals
  • Teachings and ceremony related to your current life stage and what life is communicating
  • Tools to support your evolution in these changing times
  • For families: Ceremony for parents and children, teaching and parenting, Men’s and Women’s Circles
  • Fun activities such as swimming, campfires, drumming and singing
Mid summer is a magical time to camp on this land near Bancroft, Ontario. Connect with Mother Nature while walking on the land, listening to the laughter of children.

Spirit Camp welcomes seekers, families, elders and the young as a community of spirit.

For more information, read about Spirit Camp at the ICSS web site, or email

Rites of Passage, Vision Quest in MI – July 25-29

If you are looking for ways to integrate changes you have made or desire to make in your life, or for inner guidance through connection with spirit, this combination of Rites of Passage and Vision Quest in western Michigan may be just the right thing.

Rites of Passage ceremonies help us make healthy transitions from one stage of life to the next, and move with confidence into our next phase. Like all good roadmaps, the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path Rites of Passage help us understand where we are, how we got there, and where we’re going. This ceremonial opportunity will allow you to meet change and grow.

VisionQuests allows you to seek guidance from Spirit, integrate change and find new direction.

For more information, visit, or contact Brian or Debbie with any questions you may have:

Registration deadline is July 9.