MAT Spaces, Orende & Evolution


All MAT spaces are different vibratory levels of pure light energy.  When this light energy (substance) takes form, it begins a process of change and evolution, increasing or decreasing its vibratory energy, which we refer to as its power or level of orende.  As orende increases, the space expands and produces a continuous movement of evolutionary excellence.  Evolution, in this sense, is a constant seeking of perfection of excellence, rather than how a form of something grows into another form.

We as humans are MAT spaces of a soul, and it is through our mastery within our physical form and our seeking of excellence here on planet Earth that we fill and expand our soul space.  This is called evolution.

All MAT spaces (you, your pets, tree, rock, spirit, emotions, thoughts, words, actions, and so forth) are moving attractors.  Some spaces have little or no magnetic attraction, while others immediately attract and hold our attention.  Attention is power.  The higher the energy vibration of a thing, that is, the higher its orende, the greater its magnetism and attraction.  You experience this as charisma, and you might describe someone as having a magnetic personality.

How strong and vibrant is your MAT space?
Is your orende increasing, decreasing, or vibrating at a constant rate?
What excellence is your evolution calling you to seek?

You can read more about the MAT spaces and orende in the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi.

MAT Space, you say…


Magnetic Attracting Thought Soul Space – what does that mean?

All creation, including humans, is vibration of light energy movement moving at different vibrational frequencies.  These fields are actually spaces, which are called Magnetic Attracting Thought (MAT) spaces created by the Everything’s intending of itself into all forms of all things.  These spaces are filled with spirit, consciousness, life, and/or physicalness.  MAT spaces are spaces of consciousness inside the Great Spirit’s matrix of free will and freethinking.  They are like thoughts with focused attention and intention.  Creation is an original thought with an intent.  Once a thought or any form of energy is created, it can be altered, but it cannot be destroyed.  All things in the Everything, all MAT spaces, are Great Spirit-intended thoughts of artistic originality that have been projected and released.

You also create your life in every moment.  You project your thoughts, actions, emotions, artistic creations, and intentions as MAT spaces out into the Universe every waking and sleeping moment of your life.  You are a cell in Great Spirit’s body, and it feels you.  In this way, humans are part of the interconnection, interdependence, and interreliability of all Life.  Separation is an illusion.  We are a thread intrinsically woven within the cosmic tapestry.

All forms of all things – breath, light, life, matter, form, time and space dimensions – are not different things.  They are different vibratory levels of pure light energy.

Imagine what the world would be like if related to everything as a different frequency of pure light energy…

You can read more about the Great SunDance Journey of the Soul in the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi.


back to the before

Paste the phrase “I AM NOT A PERSON!!” on your bathroom mirror, on the inside of your front door, on your refrigerator, on the rearview mirror of your car, and on your computer.  You are not a person!  You are a Magnetic Attracting Thought (MAT) soul space for which the physical body serves as a temporary domicile or temple so the spirit personality can remember what it is as it journeys to and from the Source on its stream of livingness or intending.  The soul is immortal and infinite.  It drives your spirit personality to reincarnate in the physical again and again, for the soul has only one purpose, and that is to move its energy forward as consciousness to evolve.

We are so much more than a body and a personality named Jane or John commuting to work or falling in love.  And yet, the paradox is that we are bound to do these very things in order to remember who we truly are!  We can choose to do this through pleasure, although far too many people choose to make the journey very difficult, full of struggle and pain.  This journey is the going back to the before, to our original true nature, becoming what we already are.

You can read more about the Great SunDance Journey of the Soul in the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi.

Controlled Dreaming – Why Bother?


What exists in the third dimension (tonal reality) is a manifestation of the dreams that you create in the fifth dimension (nagual reality). Your Higher Self is always dreaming with your Lower Self to create the necessary forms, situations and events that you need in order to receive the growth experiences for this lifetime. In the fifth dimension, all things are possible, and all time —past, present, and future — is one and the same. Therefore, when you take control of your dream, you have more control over the events that take place in your daily life. Because all things are possible in the fifth dimension, the ability to access all knowledge is also possible. To do, this you must learn to “control the dream.”

If you would like to learn more about Controlled Dreaming, please visit the DTMMS store.

7 Steps of Process – Completion

sunflowers-76119_1280At step ten is COMPLETION. Completion is the complete solution.

However, if you fail to negotiate Chaos, you will come to resolution. Resolution is a small response or a bandage cure for the situation. 

Successfully engaging and navigating with chaos and change, and coming to solution, will complete this spiral of the 0-9 Law and will land you at a new attraction or Focus.  A new spiral will begin… 

What will catch your attention next?

Animal Medicine Monday – Bat


All life is energy with its own vibration signature.  This is also true of all communication.

Bat teaches us how to see sound with our eyes and helps us to see the energy vibrations of people and all life.  Bat also carries thought forms sent and received and is the keeper and communicator of the secrets of the transformation of substance.

7 Steps of Process – Focus


The first step is FOCUS. Whenever you bring your attention to an attraction, that attraction becomes your focus. This actually begins the law of attraction. Imagine walking through a meadow at the edge of a forest with a friend.  As you are walking, you notice a small yellow flower in the sea of tall grass.  About the same time, your friend notices a white swan swimming at the edge of the lake up ahead.  Each one of you were attracted to two different things, bringing your attention to it, which you then focus on.

Great Spirit organizes the universe


Any process of experience can be broken down into Seven Steps. In other words, whenever and wherever an energy is birthed into existence, it will go through these Seven Steps. I include this here for a couple of reasons. First, these Seven Steps can be used in practical applications throughout Life to bring greater understanding to any process. Second, this is a valuable tool to deepen your understanding of how the Great Spirit organizes the universe.

The Seven Steps will be taught individually.  At the end of the series will be a test to see if the steps are in their proper placement.

Animal Medicine Monday – Bear

polar-bear-404314_1280  bear-1718794_1280Bears are Keepers and Protectors of the Dream.  You can call the bear if you need help to hold the Dream.  A Bears’ color indicates their specific medicine:

  • White, Polar Bear — purity, philosophy, science, no mind and clear mind. Brings clarity and sobriety to professional work. Works with rainbows. Helps to stop pretense, especially related to advancing your career.
  • Black Bear— magick, alchemy and death. Teaches about the Shadow Dance. Tells you when your dream spaces are being invaded and when/that you need more protection.
  • Brown Bear — heart, family, trust, survival. Helps dance the Daydream.  Brown Bear is the keeper and teacher of the everyday Tonal Dream and usually has the tonal world in balance.  It can help with introspection and teach us to step into the silence of inner stillness. May signal that your family or group needs correction.
  • Golden and Grizzly Bear — vision and prophesy. The Grizzly Bear is called the great “sleeper/dreamer.”  It is the keeper and teacher of the Sacred Dream, teaching us the sleep dream, how to know ourselves through the introspection of the dream, and how to actualize our reality.  A great dream interpreter, the Grizzly Bear teaches how to survive turmoil and trauma and how to protect home, loved ones and possessions.  It is known as the Grand Protector of Visions and so calls us to vision quest. It teaches us how to stand and walk tall, how not to give away our power to tyrants, and how to pace our physical body. It is the west Spirit Keeper of the Sweet Medicine animal totems.
  • Black and white, Panda — the war between good and evil, light and dark, and how to keep balance.

Twenty Count Tuesday – Sacred Kachina-hey, Dream Teachers


The Kachina-hey, the 17th Power of the Universe, play the sound of All the Ways Will Gather Together within the Rainbow Circle Dance. You must Dream this Way, they sing. You must awaken with the Song of the seventeenth Power of the Southwest. Hear the Great Kachina Powers. They are the Dream Teachers! They are chanting the Dance Your Dream Awake Chant, the Blessed Beauty Way Chant, The Sacred Medicine Pipe Chant and the Sacred SunDance Way Chant. Their chants are as infinite and as many as the stars within the great sky. All of these are the Sacred Chants of Great Power.  They point the way to the dream of the eighteenth Power of the Northwest.

The Kachina-hey speak to us in symbols and sigils, both in our asleep dreams and in our awake dreams.  They help us to process our life experience so we can learn the lessons while we are in karma, or grab the greatest opportunities when we are in dharma.  They also point out and mirror to us our closed symbols, those places where we say to ourselves, ‘Oh, I’ll never do that!’ or ‘I couldn’t possibly…’ or ‘this is the way I always do…’  Holding these closed symbols at arm’s length takes an enormous amount of energy.  When we approach a closed symbol, open the door, and walk through, we make the unknown known and gain the energy that was once used to keep the symbol closed.