Scottsdale AZ Center Expansion Complete

The carpet has been laid, the walls painted, the offices shifted – the Scottsdale AZ Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society Center expansion is now complete. The space is ready for action!

Here are some of the changes you’ll see:

  • the dojo now has a dedicated changing room
  • our Medicine Director and Business Administrator have moved into new, better offices
  • the main reception area has been re-configured into a much more open, welcoming space
  • storage has been rearranged and organization vastly improved
  • new spaces are available for classes, workshops, meetings, etc. – now the Center can host multiple simultaneous activities!
  • and, as noted earlier, everything just looks better

To reserve space for an event, contact the DTMMS Center at 480-443-3851 or email

Also, visit the DTMMS calendar of events in the Phoenix area.

Achieving Balance in a Chaotic World

On a Sunday afternoon in April, Jan Orsi, co-author of  Song of the Deer, spoke in Scottsdale at the monthly forum sponsored by The Institute of Noetic Sciences on the topic of “Achieving Balance in a Chaotic World.” Speaking to a gathering of 30 people, Jan focused on the uncommon warrior in each of us that transforms tyrants into teachers and chaos into opportunity.

As a speaker, Jan draws on her interest in waking people up to understand how balance can be achieved in these chaotic times through access to the ancient teachings. She achieves this by taking the audience on a journey through the medicine wheels of learning.

Drawing on a teaching that identifies specific kinds of tyrants in order to learn how  to change these situations, Jan engaged the audience in reflection on particular relationships and life situations that participants had found difficult.  This discussion revealed new options and opportunities by encouraging participants to choose truth and integrity in relationships over approval, recognition, security, and acceptance.

Through her writing, teaching, and one-on-one mentoring, Jan touches students of all ages.  Her determination is to seek knowledge, step beyond belief, and produce Beauty.

More about IONS

From the IONS-Phoenix web site:

“What is IONS? The Institute of Noetic Sciences was created 35 years ago by Edgar Mitchell, one of our first astronauts to the moon. As he saw the earth rise over the surface of the moon, it was such an extraordinary, emotional experience for him that he suddenly knew there was no separation of spirit, mind and matter. And that one day science would come to fully understand this interconnectedness.”

More about Tyrants

If you are interested in learning more about the kinds of tyrants and what they teach us, see the DTMMS publication Mastering the Tyrants.

Announcing the Publication of Sacred Laws Part 3

The Thirty Sacred Laws Part 3: The Ecological Balance LawsThe third volume of the Sacred Laws series, The Thirty Sacred Laws Part 3: The Ecological Balance Laws, by Claudia van Corva, Ph.D.,  is in the final stages of publication – available for pre-order now through June 30, to be shipped by mid-July. 

The Ecological Balance Laws teach us the specifics of living within Sacred Law. They are our human entrance into Universal Intent, Great Spirit’s Will, and, in a sense, contain the instruction manual for living in harmony with ourselves, Nature, and Grandmother Earth. 

“The Ten Ecological Balance Laws represent the So Below and teach us to govern ourselves by observing how Nature and Grandmother Earth govern themselves. Because the Ecological Balance Laws describe how Nature governs Nature, they are based on sound scientific principles. Science, in this sense, means the study of how Nature works, the goal being to understand more of how the natural processes work so that we can honor them in our wisdom rather than violate them in our ignorance. The scientific principles used by Nature aren’t really so complicated, but they are full of the surprises and delightful little twists that one would expect from a living being, our great Gaia. Science is still in the process of discovering the 144 Natural Laws, and the scientific picture of Nature is not yet complete. What now may seem magickal or fantastic will become the accepted scientific paradigm of our future.” 

Excerpt from the Introduction to The Thirty Sacred Laws Part 3: The Ecological Balance Laws

The Thirty Sacred Laws Part 3 is available for pre-order at $55, a discount of $15 off the post-publication cost.  The set of 3 volumes pre-order price is $125; after June 30, $150.

For more information, or to order:

The Thirty Sacred Laws 3 volume set