Desire, Perspire, and Acquire

black belt

There is a simple formula which can increase your chances of successfully controlling the dream. This comes to you from a martial arts master named Mr. Ed Parker who was the head of the International Kenpo Karate Association and held a 10th degree Judon. He called the formula “Desire, Perspire, and Acquire.”

Mr. Parker said that first you must have the heart’s desire. In other words, you must have a burning “heart’s desire,” an unlimited passion to do Controlled Dreaming. Next, you must be willing to “perspire,” to do the disciplines and work necessary to do or become what you want. It is only then that you will “acquire” the necessary skills, knowledge, and training, which will allow you to accomplish what you want to do or become. Mr.
Parker said this is a success formula for anything you want to accomplish in life.

Key to Being a Strong Dreamer…


The key to being a strong dreamer is physical mastery in the third dimensional reality. Any way you look at it, this means discipline, commitment, and follow-through using the techniques that develop the dream mind body.

Collective Dream of Grandmother Earth


In the Center of the Dream Type wheel is the Collective Dream of Grandmother Earth. It is the memory of dreaming. This is the dream of all humans walking as balanced fives—that is, in total alignment, balance, and harmony with the Self, the five Worlds of Grandmother Earth and the 20 Powers.

Visionary Dream

crystal ball

In the Northeast is the Visionary Dream. It is the chaos place of dreaming. In these dreams you, as your Higher Self, are working with the teachers of the Light in order to receive the “visions” you need to further your understanding of self and life and how to design your energies properly to actualize your Sacred Dream. This dream usually occurs when you are awake, and it transcends time and space. It gives you a glimpse of the future through opening portals, which show you how the future has the potential of occurring, and gateways, which show you the way it already is. As with the Prophetic Dream, you will not know for sure it your dream was a Visionary Dream until it manifests in the tonal.

Prophetic Dreams


In the Northwest is the Prophetic Dream. It is the pattern place of dreaming. In these dreams, you are working with your Book of Life and the Chuluamahdah-hey (Karma Lords & Dharma Masters) in order to gain memory of who you are and what you came here to do. Often these are impactful dreams and not quickly forgotten. These dreams teach us how we can change our karma into dharma, i.e., our pain patterns into pleasure and knowledge. They are used to guide us into our fate, destiny, and the fulfillment of our internal structure, our inner prophecy. It is how you choose to dream in the moment.

Note, however, that you will not know for sure it your dream was a Prophetic Dream until it manifests in the tonal.


Shadow Dream


In the Southwest is the Shadow Dream. It is the freedom place of dreaming. These are the “asleep time dreams” in which you experience the dream as though you are watching it, and yourself, in a movie. In this type of dream, you are extremely susceptible to dream imposters! To change this, you must shift your focus so your primary awareness is you as the dreamer within your dream. To do this, you must gaze into the reflection and immediately transfer your “spiritual consciousness” into the “dream self”. This will allow you to shift so that you will actually be “in” the dream, not just viewing it.

The major cause of shadow dreaming is closed symbols and dark mirrors that are not confronted in our awake state. Other causes of shadow dreams are:

  • molding, sculpting, and armoring
  • sexual issues
  • lack of rites of passage
  • education which stifles free thinking
  • religion that requires fitting in, conforming, and belonging
  • the blocks of guilt, blame, shame, doubt, fear, insecurity, repression and anger.

Mirror Dreams vs. Controlled Dreams

mirror v controlled

All Mirror Dreams are not necessarily Controlled Dreams, but all Controlled Dreams are Mirror Dreams. Mirror Dreams may become Controlled Dreams if you become conscious that you are asleep and dreaming. The way to enter the Mirror Dream, and move into Controlled Dreaming, is:

  1. You must wake up in the dream and be aware that you are dreaming, even as you are asleep.
  2. Next, you must be able to follow the sequence of yourself dreaming and make a willful decision to take control of the dream. Allow your sleeping self to give your dream self the command to “Go look at your eyes in a place of reflection” (for example a mirror or still pond).
  3. Let your sleeping dream follow the guide of the waking dream. Your sleeping self and your dreaming self must communicate within the context of your dreamscape. For example, in the dream I am sitting in a car talking to someone. My sleeping self becomes aware that I am dreaming and says to the dreaming self, “Go look at your eyes in a place of reflection.” The dreaming self says to the other person they are in the car with “Excuse me a moment” and looks into the rear view mirror. This dreamscape must remain the same as your dreaming self responds, that is, the context must remain the same within the dreamscape even as the action of the command changes it.
  4. Once your dreaming self sees its reflection, the dreaming self will go get the sleeping self, and at that point you are controlling the dream. Now you can safely change the dreamscape.
  5. When your dreaming self looks at itself in the reflective surface, you will hear a high-pitched hum. At that point, your Mirror Dancer unites with your dreaming self. A crack (doorway) will open and you will leave your body. When you gaze into the reflective surface, go into your eyes and look back at your dreaming self looking into the mirror. In this way, an “eye bridge” is created and the snap out of your body will be guaranteed. This will also shut out any dark influences.

At this point, you are operating under the twice energy law. That is, for every two hours that you are out in the Controlled Dream you will gain four hours of rejuvenation, regeneration, and recuperation. When you are asleep and dreaming in a Controlled Mirror Dream, you will not have consciousness of time and space the way you do in the third dimension. Time and space do not exist except as reference points for the conscious mind.

What an amazing advantage this is! In thirteen seconds of controlled mirror dreaming, you can be taught much more than is possible in physical form over a much longer span of time. This is the main reason the Twisted Hairs have perfected controlling the dream.

Note: Many people equate lucid dreaming with the Controlled Dream. This is not accurate. In a lucid dream, all of your senses are present, but you have no control over them as you do in the Controlled Dream.

Mirror Dream Characteristics

mirror dream charac

Some of the characteristics of the Mirror Dream are:

  1. Your Elder Shield and Mirror Dancer have created a doorway to the fifth dimension which allows you to leave your body.
  2. You are within the context of the dream and all your senses are at work. In other words, you are a part of the dream and you can taste, smell, feel, hear and touch in the dream.
  3. You are in the dream as an act of power and your psychic gifts are present and active.
  4. Your recall is 60-80 percent stronger within this dream.
  5. Frequently, a dream teacher will work with you and teach you something about the reason for your existence in this lifetime.
  6. The windows of prophecy are open.

During Mirror Dreaming, your body temperature rises, and you look dead and will not respond to the calling of your regular name. However, you will respond to a sacred or medicine name. Frequently, you will wake up in a bed wet from perspiration.

Mirror Dream


In the Southeast is the Mirror Dream. It is the imagination of dreaming. The Mirror Dream is the level of dreaming where extra-ordinary events occur: flying, walking through walls, telepathy, invisibility, etc. This is also the level where you become aware that you are in a dream, and can start to gain control of the dream and become the choreographer and director of the dream. As a Warrior, you are willing to open your closed symbols and confront your own dark force, as well as the collective dark force in the fifth dimension.  You take control of the dream (stand at cause) in order to gain knowledge of your Higher Self and your connection with the Everything, so that you may integrate this knowing into your “Awake Day Dream.”