The Twenty Count: What Do You Have To Give?

The Elders say the Twenty Count brought into existence the energy motion vibration of all forms of all things. All things have a vibratory energy, an essence, a form. We say that is its giveaway… its heart, its beauty, its medicine. There is no such thing as nothingness. The energy in motion of one thing is interconnected with and directly influences and is felt by every other thing.

Within the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, the Twenty Counts have only one task: to give away their power to us as an act of empowerment.

You may ask, “What do I have to give back?” How can I possibly (for example) empower the sun?

The answer to this question is RESPECT.

You must keep a proper attitude and express your appreciation for its gift. Without the sun there would be no life. Stop complaining about how hot it is. Stop referring to a cloudy day as a bad day. All faces of the sun are a mirror reflection for us.

It is in this way we learn to come into balance and alignment with the powers of the universe. It is in this way, we step into co-empowerment with all of creation.

snow light sun pines image


Snake Animal Totem: Mysterious, Adaptable and Transformative

Happy birthday to the Snake! For those not familiar with SunBear’s Earth Astrology, those born from October 24 to November 21 have the snake as their birth animal totem. Throughout the world, there are approximately 2500 species of snake!

We can learn so much about our natural selves from the animal world, including how to be more efficient and balanced with our every day energy.

Did you know? Snakes are very adaptable to their environment, sometimes changing their color to blend more closely with landscape. They are highly sensitive to touch and vibrations. Snake totem people, contrary to a snake’s cold blood, can be highly sexual beings. Spiritually, snakes hold the secrets of spiritual sexuality.

Change may not come easily to a snake person, but when it does, it’s usually a permanent one.

Snake totem people are highly adaptable and able to shed their old skin of thoughts, perceptions and philosophies when it’s time to transform into a new phase of life. They are teachers of fear and the many deaths that occur in life as a part of change and transformation.

What do you think? Where can you add a little snake medicine to your life?


Jaguar Takes On Crocodile

We can learn so much from the animal world! This is a beautiful example of Sweet Medicine (in other words animals!) demonstrating for us the Warrior’s Attributes of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.

Do you see the innate balance and control, space and distance, power and strength, pattern and timing, intent and coordination, relaxation and focus, self-growth and speed, attitude and approach in this jaguar? Take a look!

Jaguar Crocodile image

Watch Jaguar Takes On Crocodile VIdeo


Finding Our Way

When we are born into physical existence and come through the forgetting circle, we must understand that we are separated from the “Great Light”. When you wake up and remember who you are, you turn around and choose to go back towards the light.

At any moment you can know the light, the Everything, the great light at the center of all things. The moment of discovery of the inner light is your truth. Then, depending on where on the circle you are, at that point of discovery, you then begin to move back on your path toward the light.

This becomes your way.aurora image

Rainbow Humans & The Five Huaquas for Life

Of the Human World, the Rainbow Humans teach us the ways of the Five Huaquas: health happiness, humor, hope and harmony.

These are the gifts of being truly human. In order for us as humans to achieve these qualities of humanity, we must:

Give with tenderness

(having as our intent to gather together in our heart space)

Hold & Transform with Intimacy

(by caring for one another in our physical bodies)

Receive with Caring

(by teaching one another within respect and honor that everything is born of the feminine and do nothing to harm the children)

Determine with Passion & Lust

(by sharing with one another our fire, our inspiration)

Catalyze with Open Heart-to-heart Communication

(by experiencing intimacy with one another)

children laughing image

Rainbow Humans

Of the Human World, the Rainbow Humans are those who realize that no matter what color the skin, no matter what race or cultural heritage, we all have…

red blood…

black pupils in our eyes…

white bones…

and yellow marrow in our bones.

human eye image


The Twenty Count: Mathematics As Language of Universe

Within the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, mathematics is considered the language of the Universe. The Great Spirit speaks to us about the interrelationship of all things through mathematics, and the central core of that mathematical speaking is what is called the Twenty Count. The numbers 0-20 represent all that exists in other words the “Everything.”


The Four Worlds of Great Spirit Recap

As humans we tend to think of ourselves as the only habitants of this planet. But in fact we live among four worlds on Grandmother Earth: the Mineral, the Plant, the Animal, and the Human. In the story of creation from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, each of these worlds had a way of coming into being and have special gifts they offer us to this day so that we may live in balance as one.

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photo by by Jenny Woodward