Mirror Dream


In the Southeast is the Mirror Dream. It is the imagination of dreaming. The Mirror Dream is the level of dreaming where extra-ordinary events occur: flying, walking through walls, telepathy, invisibility, etc. This is also the level where you become aware that you are in a dream, and can start to gain control of the dream and become the choreographer and director of the dream. As a Warrior, you are willing to open your closed symbols and confront your own dark force, as well as the collective dark force in the fifth dimension.  You take control of the dream (stand at cause) in order to gain knowledge of your Higher Self and your connection with the Everything, so that you may integrate this knowing into your “Awake Day Dream.”

Awake Dreams

rock climbing

In the South of Center are the Awake Dreams. They are the understanding of this wheel.  When a person is awake in this dimension, they are awake, aware, and alert to reality as it truly exists. They have the physical ability in their body to withstand energy and hold energy within any given situation or context. They have lost their fear of death and, therefor, experience the richness of life. They have a motivational intent and an investment in their self-growth. They are willing and able to grow up and get out of their needy, wounded, and abandoned child games. Training in physical mastery and a series of techniques called the Warriors Techniques of Discipline will assist you in waking up NOW. People must motivate themselves. The willingness to take risks cannot be given. The desire to live fully must come from within.

Hokkshideh’s Sacred Dream


In the North is the place of wisdom and knowledge. This is the determination of this wheel. It is the Hokkshideh’s Sacred Dream. This dream asks, “What are you going to give back to self, life, and others?” This is why you have chosen to take form. It’s what you have to “give away” with beauty and love in order to bring healing and knowledge to all forms of all things. It is your determination as a sacred human on this planet.

Shideh’s Personal Dream


In the South is the place of trust and innocence—the form of this wheel. It is the Shideh’s Personal Dream. This is the Shideh’s (lower self) means of daily survival and interaction with the world. The Shideh seeks freedom. That is, our spirit personality is seeking individuality within this physical form. We must break out of our patterns of doubt, fear, guilt, blame, shame, and insecurity. The Shideh wants to learn how to “free think,” to break out of the way it was “schooled” to think with learned responses. In order to do this, we must step out of the ordinary and into the bizarre and unusual. Free thinking requires time spent in solitude and reflection.

Walking Asleep Dream

walking asleep

In the West is the place of introspection and intuition, the substance of this wheel. It is the Walking Asleep Daydream. We recognize this type of a dream walk when we eat too much, drink too much, do drugs, breathe improperly, and have little or no ceremony within our life. We become like “Zombies.” We are often at the effect of our substance, our environment. This is the Shideh’s attempt to control the day-to-day awake, yet “unaware,” conscious mind. We walk around without knowing who we are and what the purpose of life is, inflicting our limited view of reality upon ourselves, the planet, and others. The lights may be on in our house (body), but no one is home. We are out of alignment with our substance, our body, and thus cannot live a centered or awake life.

Dancing Awake Daydream

dancing awake

In the East is the Dancing Awake Daydream. It is illumination and enlightenment, and is the focus of this wheel. In this dream, you are able to integrate the Hokkshideh (higher self) into the tonal “conscious mind.” It is Attention + Attraction + Focus + Impact + Co-empowerment + Knowledge = Power. You are aware of what you are focusing on. Is your focus on the strongest attraction, the strongest Magnetic Attracting Thought (MAT)?
Pay attention to when you fall asleep and when you stay awake. Understand what is happening in both instances. Attention is Power.

Wheel of Dream Types

ferris wheel

Now that you have identified which direction you spend most of your time on the Controlled Dreaming Wheel, we will move into the nine different Dream Types, which sit on a wheel of their own.  We will overlay the Seven Steps of Process according to the 20 Count placement on the Wheel so we can spiral down for greater knowing.

REMEMBER…  What exists in the third dimension (tonal reality) is a manifestation of the dreams that you create in the fifth dimension (nagual reality). Your Higher Self is always dreaming with your Lower Self to create the necessary forms, situations and events that you need in order to receive the growth experiences for this lifetime. In the fifth dimension, all things are possible, and all time—past, present, and future— is one and the same. Therefore, when you take control of your dream, you have more control over the events that take place in your daily life. Because all things are possible in the fifth dimension, the ability to access all knowledge is also possible. To do, this you must learn to “control the dream.”

I invite you to join us as we explore the Wheel of Dream Types during the next two weeks.

Controlled Dreaming, “Who are You?”


The completion step is “Who are you?” Which of these “dreamers” are you most of the time?  Where are you as you begin your journey into Controlled Dreaming? The focus of your attention determines the amount of power you will have to create and control the dream.

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Controlled Dreaming, Free & Impeccable Warrior


In the Center of the Controlled Dreaming wheel is the Free and Impeccable Warrior. This is the place of chaos. This “dreamer/warrior” is able to control the dream and step into the center of their own circle.

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Controlled Dreaming, Producers and Directors of Life


In the West of Center are the Producers and Directors of Life. This is the place of pattern. These are the “dreamers” who are able to utilize their total resources to actualize their ideas and dreams. They are the Chiefs of Staff.

Where in your life do you actualize your dreams by utilizing your resources?

If you would like to learn more about Controlled Dreaming, please visit the DTMMS store.