Red Lodge Longhouse


You may have heard about the Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse, but wondered what is that?!?

Just by hearing the name, you certainly would not know what this Longhouse is all about.  One of the challenges with describing this yearlong program is that in modern day syntax, there is indeed NOTHING like it.  An elevator, quick hit description doesn’t do this program justice either.

Historically, a longhouse was held during the winter months when everything slowed down and the entire community would come together to share, study and expand through sacred knowledge.  In today’s world, we don’t have the winter months to shut down our life and luxuriate in this approach to learning and seeking.

Our Red Lodge Longhouse seeks to keep the traditional ways of gathering  like-minded folks, but tailors the timing of these gatherings to today’s pace.  That being said, we gather 7 times over the course of a year, 6 weekends at our center and 1 week of ceremony out in nature.

Why would I want to invest this kind of time to this program?  What do we do over this course of a year?  At this time of fast paced life, seemingly unlimited technology, and so many options of things to do, we offer a time-tested approach to reconnecting to all of life, gaining tools to help us sort out our past issues, and determine our way to the life we choose now to have.

Join others that desire to create their life with a balanced approach, focusing on spiritual connection, personal growth and abundance.  You will gain tools for change, new friends, and an understanding of natural worlds.

As it seems easier to disconnect, this longhouse is all about connection.

Connect to your potential.  Join us!


Contact Debra at or call her directly – (602) 799 – 8564
For more information, you can also visit our website,

Red Lodge Longhouse


About the Red Lodge Longhouse Program
The Red Lodge Longhouse program is a year-long commitment to personal excellence and the impeccability of a Warrior. This program is for students who wish to develop ways of knowing how to connect with Spirit and how to live in harmony with fellow humans and nature. Through alchemy, sacred laws, magick and tools, the student gains freedom and enlightenment within their own path with heart.

The Intent and Focus of this First Year
First Year Red Lodge consists of six weekends and a ceremonial week-long in addition to personal study and opportunities for hands-on experiences and ceremonies. The first year program explores in depth the circular movement of the Wheels and Keys of knowledge of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.

At the end of this year, the student will be able to use these Wheels in their life, understand their connection to nature and how to make personal changes for the better. This program helps students to understand their movements through the Wheel of Life, to learn about their energy body, to stalk themselves and win the battle
of being “asleep” in life.

Red Lodge Year One is designed to allow the seeker or student to discover their path with heart and explore the Worlds of Grandmother Earth. It is an introduction to the “Great Work”, the inner journey to heal oneself and find the warrior within.

Wanna know more about Red Lodge Programs around the world?
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Red Lodge Italy – it’s not too late to register for the 2016-17 program!
Email us!  Or call Arnaldo at 0039 335 7278108 (English speaking),
Claudia at 0039 328 4693058 (Italian speaking)

Arizona and Calgary programs start in January and are enrolling now.
Arizona Red Lodge
email us or call 602-799-8564 to register!
Red Lodge Calgary email us or call 403-277-7383 to register!

Red Lodge Australia begins in March 2017.  Be one of the first to enroll!
As you are anxiously waiting for March, check out some of their other events.
Red Lodge Australia , Australia Other Events, Facebook
or email Lucinda

AZ Red Lodge Longhouse Eagle Dance

Klimt-tree of life 2-cropped

September 23 – 25, 2016
NE Arizona

Gift yourself with an opportunity to dance to the Tree of Life and set your intention for the next year.
For more information or to register, contact Debra at



RED LODGE AUSTRALIA IS NOW ENROLLING. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience a year long program of spiritual study and ceremony that is dedicated to increasing balance and self-growth in all aspects of your life: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and soul force!

For more information on Red Lodge Australia, email

Don’t forget, Red Lodge is offered in Australia, Italy, Canada and Arizona in the U.S.! For more info, email


It’s that time! Arizona Red Lodge 2014 begins this weekend!

It's that time! Arizona Red Lodge 2014 begins this weekend!

It’s that time! Arizona Red Lodge 2014 begins this weekend!

Join us this Friday night, Jan 17 in Phoenix at 7pm for drumming, ceremony, and a lineage address by our beloved Medicine Director. She will be speaking about the history of our lineage and what the lineage means to us now.

Invite your friends and family ~ all are welcome!

To RSVP & for questions, email:

Arizona Red Lodge enrollment is still open for 2014!
Are you ready to make the leap into the unknown?

Come and check us out! For more info on Arizona Red Lodge, click here.


What People Say About Red Lodge

What People Say About Red Lodge

We asked our former Red Lodge students what words they would use to describe their personal experience and gains by being in the longhouse program. Here’s what they said. How will Red Lodge change you?

For more info on Red Lodge, click here or email

Red Lodge: Introduction to The Path of The Sacred Warrior

At this time in history, there have never been more options for spiritual exploration.  Are you seeking a path to follow for sacred living?


Red Lodge: Introduction to The Path of The Sacred Warrior

Red Lodge is a structured, year-by-year program to take you through time-honored, alchemical ways of healing the self, developing your inner warrior and connecting with Spirit to live as a sacred human being in balance with life, nature and the sacred laws of the universe.

At this time in history, there have never been more options for spiritual exploration.  Many men and women are seeking their path to follow.  The Red Lodge Longhouse program is backed by a lineage of elders that have centuries of teachings and ceremonial experiences as a foundation for self-growth.  This offers all students the solidity needed to navigate the changing world we live in.

The Red Lodge Longhouse program offers teachings, tools, ceremonies and warrior techniques in six weekend sessions over the course of the year as well as one week out in nature for extended ceremonial experiences.  This program is open to all who are seeking their inner light and truth.  Each year’s group of students share in the interpersonal work to heal themselves and create a community of like-minded humans that desire to become sacred humans.

The path of the sacred warrior is indeed a great journey, and you must do the walking and have the willingness change and make the leap into the next level of human evolution. But for those who are willing to be an inquisitive, free-thinking individual who takes responsibility for your life, a life filled with dharmic opportunities is calling to your spirit.

Are you ready to make the leap?

Join us for our first 2014 session January 17 – 19, 2014 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Click here or email for more information and registration.


Our Path is the Path of a Warrior

Our Path is the Path of a Warrior

Our Path is the Path of a Warrior

It is a great journey —
but you must do the walking
and have the willingness to change
and make the leap into
the next level of human evolution.

Become an inquisitive, free-thinking
individual who takes
responsibility for your life
and has the spiritual accountability
to live life to the fullest.

This is the path of the warrior.

Red Lodge Longhouse Starts the New Year in Calgary, Australia, and Arizona

Red Lodge Longhouse

Red Lodge Longhouse starts a new year in Calgary, Australia, and Arizona

The Red Lodge Longhouse, the basic training program in spiritual and personal growth of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, kicks off a new year in January in three locations: Calgary, Alberta, Canada; Australia; and Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Red Lodge Longhouse is a four year program of adventurous learning, self-challenge, and spiritual growth, taking students through the basic teachings of this path, and all of the ceremonies in the first three Gateways.  The Longhouse meets 5 or 6 weekends per year (depending on the location), plus a ceremonial week that takes students out into nature.

The Calgary Red Lodge program, now in its third year, offers classes to first year Red Lodge students on this schedule:

  • February 10 -12
  • March 9 – 11
  • May 11 – 13
  • June 8 -10
  • July 21 – 28 (ceremonial days)
  • September 7 – 9
  • November 30 – December 2

For more information, you can attend a Red Lodge information session on January 8 (contact  Note that Calgary’s registration deadline is January 8!

Red Lodge Longhouse Australia starts its year in March.  It runs a 5-weekend schedule, meeting on these dates:

  • March 15-18
  • June 7-10
  • August 2-5
  • September 1-6 (ceremonial days)
  • November 1-4
  • January 10-13, 2013

If you’d like to learn more about the program in Australia, contact .

The Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse runs a 6-weekend schedule, meeting on the following days in 2012:

  • January 20-22
  • February 24-26
  • April 20-22 (years 1-3); April 27-29 (year 4)
  • June 1-3
  • July 27-29
  • September 17-23 (ceremonial days)
  • November 16-18

For more information about the Arizona program, contact

Red Lodge Arizona – Ceremony in August

The time for the Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse’s intensive week of ceremony is fast approaching.  By early next week, Red Lodge participants will be out among the cactus, rocks, and lizards, working with the gateway ceremonies of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.

Red Lodge Longhouse

Red Lodge Longhouse

Why does the Red Lodge program feature an entire week of ceremony?  Ceremonies play a critical part in our integration process.  They give us more access to our spiritual aspect, and help us to bring what we know in our spiritual aspect into our daily lives, as well as facilitating us bringing our learnings from our daily lives into our spirit.  Ceremonies facilitate the process of taking the Red Lodge teachings from information on paper into knowledge that we own and can use in our work, play, relationships.

Ceremonies in nature also give us the opportunity to align with the natural world, to rebalance ourselves.

Ceremonial week is an integral part of the Red Lodge Longhouse program in all of its locations.  For more information about each, see:

For more information about DTMMS and the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, visit the DTMMS web site.