The Dance of the Twenty Count: 9 Design of Choreography & Energy

The Children’s Twenty Count describes our world as we live in it, and the powers that influence us here in our attempt to establish interconnection, interreliability and interdependence with all things.

As we begin to discuss the lower numbers, we begin with the powers that are the “so below“…the numbers that are related to this 3rd dimensional reality and “all that is green“…

9 = Design of Choreography & Energy

duck surfing

At nine, you have energy in motion as well as chaos. Now, the question becomes what are you going to do with energy that is in motion AND perhaps chaotic? How do you design and choreograph it?  Nine shows us  how to design and choreograph our  energy to be in alignment with the Great Spirit’s design and choreography of energy by learning how to ride the wave of chaos.

It teaches us how to have “maximum efficiency with minimum effort.” Simply put, how to get a lot done with the least amount of effort and energy on your part.

Within the chaotic wave, energy movement is always in absolute balance of male/female energies. If we come into alignment with sacred law in this way, we are, in a sense, cosmic surfers. After you catch the chaotic wave, the key is to stay on it until it ends! This requires us to align with change and movement, and to be relaxed while maintaining our focus.

Nine also has to do with setting priorities, making decisions and choices in your life. Priorities are the major ways in which you choreograph your life energy. They are born out of what gives you meaning in life and what your visions are. They become the major focus of your attention. In other words, what is important to you is what you give major amounts of energy to.

Decisions are the substance the priorities are made of. They swing the energy over to give credence to your priorities. Choices are the smaller energy dances you do around something. The secret to proper choreography of energy is first of all make sure that the thing you give most of your energy to is what you want in life and gives your life meaning.

Next, make sure the decisions you make support that priority, and the smaller choices support the decisions. Then just relax and let life happen. If you find that you are constantly making decisions or choices which do not support your priority, then you must go back and re-evaluate what you claim as a priority.

For example, if you have as a priority to earn your black belt in martial arts, you can’t sit in front of the tv when it’s time to work out. You must make the decision to commit yourself to working out. Once you’re at the dojo, you must make the little choices to pay attention in class and not watch the clock. You have to choose to have an attitude that you will try to do everything I am asked.

If your decisions and choices are in alignment every step of the way, you will indeed get your belt and will succeed in making your #1 priority your manifested reality.

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