We are the Ones, Opening to the Promise and Power of 2012

For many, 2012 is a year wherein great change is expected. This change is signaled by the shifting of energy fields, crumbling world view models, and even dissolution of whole paradigms. Most of us agree that “something is happening.” Many postulate but few have clarity in their understanding and even fewer have the wisdom to navigate this change with insightful foresight. We are certainly deeply troubled by the horrors of war, the cruelty against women, children, and the elderly, and the senseless destruction of Nature.

Each day we have the option to choose where, when, and how we invest our energy. Each time we choose for the Light, Beauty, Truth, Liberty/Freedom, and the Maturity of our own self, we feed what is called “the Gold Horse,” the carrier of a deep knowing and unbending intent to stand for the Light on this planet.

In this way, we go forward into our everyday life, spreading the Beauty and Blessing, each in our own unique way. These everyday, simple interactions feed the stream of livingness creating a thundering river that flows towards the gates that are foretold in the prophecies about 2012: the opening of the benevolent compassion of the Human World.