The Worlds of Great Spirit: The Human World

In the story of creation from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, the Human World was the fourth and final to be created on what we know as Grandmother Earth.

The Human World are determiners of energy. Among all the creatures, it is only the humans who were created with free will, an agency of choice and self determination. These two features distinguish us from other Worlds.

We determine our own reality and with this comes authority, responsibility and power. It is our choice whether we exercise these in pain and destruction … or in beauty and re-creation.

man and woman statue

The Worlds of Great Spirit: The Animal World

In the story of creation from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, the Animal World was the third to be created on what we know as Grandmother Earth. The Animal World are receivers of energy and teach us how to receive. Knowing how animals are receivers is probably easily understood by those of you who have pets.

Think of the times when you were sick or just “blue”, and your pet came to curl up beside you to “make you feel better.” Animals will naturally take on the energy of their human companion.

white horse image

In the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, animals are known as “Sweet Medicine.” Each animal through its habits and ways carries within its essence a medicine. Medicine is a gift of healing they bring to us if we align with them. Mostly they teach us to be who we are. You don’t see a dog wanting to act like a frog. A dog is content simply being a dog.

Animals are wonderful teachers and allies … IF we’re open to receive their gifts.

The Worlds of Great Spirit: The Plant World

In the story of creation from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, the Plant World was the second to be created on what we know as Grandmother Earth.

The plants are the givers of energy. What it means for the plants to be givers is that their gift, their essence of “being” as a plant is to give. They give nourishment, shelter, beauty, inspiration and most importantly through the photosynthesis, the oxygen we breathe … our breath of life.

Plants teach unconditional giving. You don’t find a plant trying to decide who it will give air to today according to its likes or dislikes. It simply gives.

plant image

Read the first world to be created: The Mineral World

The Worlds of Great Spirit: The Mineral World

In the story of creation from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, the Mineral World was the first to be created as what we know as Grandmother Earth. The minerals are the holders of energy. The saying goes that “within one grain of sand lies the entire Universe.”

It is from the Mineral World that plants are born. Therefore, we might say that what is “held” is the potential for life. The Mineral World teaches us that substance is primarily a container for spirit. The Mineral World is, hence, like our physical body.


The Worlds of the Great Spirit: The Beginning

Every culture, every people since always have had myths, stories and legends of how life began. In the tradition of the Twisted Hairs and the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, it is written that in the beginning since always, the Everything was created from within the void in which there was present a pure energy force called Chuluaqui (Chu-la-quay). It expresses itself as pure orgastic, harmonic and balancing vibration. Chuluaqui is, in essence, the spark of life that allows all things within Everything to take on their particular substance form.

Having seen and experienced the duality of itself, WahKahn (Great Grandmother Universe) and SsKwan (Great Grandfather Galaxy) came together through the sacred elements and female/male balance in total union of their emotional, mental, physical and sexual energies with the power of the Chuluaqui within each of them. This complete sexual union is the “Quodoushka”.

rainbow into field image

From the new energies which were born in this Quodoushka union, the universe emerged. This energy continued to give form and substance from fire and spirit until all things within the Everything were born. This included Grandfather Sun and the Mineral World within and throughout Grandmother Earth.

Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Earth, through Quodoushka, then gave birth to the Sacred Plants that emerged from the minerals of the Mineral World, then to the Sacred Animals, and finally to the last born, all Sacred Humans – ourselves.

Each of the Worlds of Grandmother Earth have a gift which they give or teach us. This is their medicine. If we as humans are open to receiving and giving these gifts, we become sacred, balanced humans and our world is indeed in harmony.

The Worlds of the Great Spirit

“Look around you my daughters and sons, at the insects, animals, plants and trees of the forests and fields; at the fishes and waters; at the birds and the air, and know that they do not need you to survive, rather it is you who need them!

Therefore, treat all beings, all things which I have made for my purpose, gently with love and compassion; respect them as if they were yourself. Only then can you be free, for truly, you are all my children!”

– Billy Micus

mountains and bear image

photography by: Peter Holme III

The Call Goes Out: 144,000 Rainbow Warriors Needed

We have only to read the newspapers or watch the reporters on TV. We have only to walk around in our neighborhood or listen to the stories our children bring home from school.

We have only to breathe the air or be stopped from swimming in the waters at the local beach.

We have only to stop a moment to look and listen.

Grandmother’s voice is heard …

in the gales of a hurricane,

the moans of a hungry child,

the extinction of another winged one,

and the trembling of the earth.

The call is made by all who love her …

by leaders with heart regardless of culture, color or creed,

by children not yet swayed by the meaningless mumble of empty words,

by all who know that change is inevitable,

and it is we who determine the outcome.

The time to respond is NOW … as it has always been and continues to be.

The time to respond is NOW.

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Of Heart, Destiny & Courage …

“We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny. But what we put into it is ours. 

He who wills adventure will experience it … according to the measure of his courage.

He who wills sacrifice will be sacrificed … according to the purity of his heart.”

– Dag Hammerskjöld

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Raven Animal Totem: The Magicians

Happy birthday to the Raven! For those not familiar with SunBear’s Earth Astrology, those born from September 23 to October 23 have the raven as their birth animal totem.

We can learn so much about our natural selves from the animal world, including how to be more efficient and balanced with our every day energy.

raven image

photo by Tom Spross

Did you know? Ravens are highly intelligent problem solvers, learning from, while nonetheless being wary of, their surroundings. They fly in groups and are known to be territorial, aggressive as well as highly adaptable. Ravens remind us of our power of light and how to increase our communication with nature, as they are the messengers for sorcerers and shamans alike. In the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, they are the keeper of magickal law and teacher of natural law, and remind us how to create alchemical magick within the Sacred Law of the universe.

What do you think? Where can you add a little raven medicine to your life?