Awake Dreams

rock climbing

In the South of Center are the Awake Dreams. They are the understanding of this wheel.  When a person is awake in this dimension, they are awake, aware, and alert to reality as it truly exists. They have the physical ability in their body to withstand energy and hold energy within any given situation or context. They have lost their fear of death and, therefor, experience the richness of life. They have a motivational intent and an investment in their self-growth. They are willing and able to grow up and get out of their needy, wounded, and abandoned child games. Training in physical mastery and a series of techniques called the Warriors Techniques of Discipline will assist you in waking up NOW. People must motivate themselves. The willingness to take risks cannot be given. The desire to live fully must come from within.

Warrior Wednesday – Speed and Self-Growth


In each direction of the Warrior Attributes wheel, there are two attributes.  The first attribute carries the feminine energy and the second carries the masculine energy.  In each pair, you must have the feminine aspect mastered before you can step into and embody the masculine aspect.

In the East, the Warrior’s Attributes are Speed and Self-Growth. Speed refers to our way of learning. Do you learn slowly and with caution, at medium speed with full purpose and meaning, or fast, making changes on a regular basis? Self-growth is the determination of our spirit to actualize more of our potential, more of who we are truly meant to be. By continually developing and growing, you will gain whatever speed is necessary to move along your path with heart. How fast are you acquiring the five huaquas of health, hope, harmony, happiness and humor?

Twenty Count Tuesday – Sacred Movement or Design of Choreography


We are playing and dancing almost in perfect harmony, but we are a bit off in our rhythm. We know this because we hear the Sound and feel the Percussion. We turn to look at this great Power. We see that it is Pure Energy that is bringing this Song. It is Movement itself. It is the ninth Power that is dancing and flowing with the rhythm of all the other sounds. Catching it, tuning to it, is aligning to the Great Choreography. We see and know that this is Movement.  Change happens here. We begin to perceive that maybe the Song is written here, designed from this place. This Song sings to us from the Northeast section of the Great Orchestra.

Red Lodge Longhouse


You may have heard about the Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse, but wondered what is that?!?

Just by hearing the name, you certainly would not know what this Longhouse is all about.  One of the challenges with describing this yearlong program is that in modern day syntax, there is indeed NOTHING like it.  An elevator, quick hit description doesn’t do this program justice either.

Historically, a longhouse was held during the winter months when everything slowed down and the entire community would come together to share, study and expand through sacred knowledge.  In today’s world, we don’t have the winter months to shut down our life and luxuriate in this approach to learning and seeking.

Our Red Lodge Longhouse seeks to keep the traditional ways of gathering  like-minded folks, but tailors the timing of these gatherings to today’s pace.  That being said, we gather 7 times over the course of a year, 6 weekends at our center and 1 week of ceremony out in nature.

Why would I want to invest this kind of time to this program?  What do we do over this course of a year?  At this time of fast paced life, seemingly unlimited technology, and so many options of things to do, we offer a time-tested approach to reconnecting to all of life, gaining tools to help us sort out our past issues, and determine our way to the life we choose now to have.

Join others that desire to create their life with a balanced approach, focusing on spiritual connection, personal growth and abundance.  You will gain tools for change, new friends, and an understanding of natural worlds.

As it seems easier to disconnect, this longhouse is all about connection.

Connect to your potential.  Join us!


Contact Debra at or call her directly – (602) 799 – 8564
For more information, you can also visit our website,

Watch Your Thoughts…

Watch your thoughts;dualism_1280
They become your words.

Watch your words;
They become actions.

Watch your actions;
They become habits.

Watch your habits;
They become character.

Watch your character;
It becomes your destiny.  ~ Lao Tzu

Battling the Enemy Within

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”  ~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Do you know yourself and the enemies within that create your “hundred battles”?


If you are interested in being on our mailing list, please go to DTMMS and register.

AZ Red Lodge Longhouse Ceremonial Week

14_1102 SD land

Come to the high dessert this Fall and reconnect with Spirit through vision quest and purification ceremonies for the seeker in YOU!  This week is rich in opportunities to stretch and grow, as well as space for personal reflection.

Get out of the city and come back to nature!

September 19 – 25, 2016
NE Arizona

Email to register or for more information


An Exercise for Gaining Balanced Choreography of Energy

You’ve read our past posts on what is Balanced Choreography of Energy and what is Imbalanced Choreography. Most of us experience times of imbalance, lost or even harmful energy. What can we do about it?

Happy woman image

The following exercise is meant to help you identify when you’re out of balance with your choreography of energy, and what you can do to regain balance.

  1. Choose a duration of time. whether it be a day or a week. Decide to step into an objective observer/witness place with yourself. In other words, you are going to step back or away from yourself to observe without judgment or criticism how you balance or don’t balance energy improper alignment.
  1. Observe! It’s often easier to observe others than ourselves. If you observe something in others, make sure you relate it to yourself, or to a time when you did the same.
  1. Write what you observe in a journal. In the process, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I staying in the moment with the expression of my emotions and giving with them? Or am I creating an imbalance? If there is an imbalance, identify the direction. For example, am I holding with my emotions in the West or receiving with my emotions in the North? State specifically how you are out of balance with your emotions. Click to review imbalances with emotions.

Am I allowing energy to move through my body? Do I have plenty of energy to move through my day? Or am I draining energy through improper choreography? If I am out of balance with my physical body, in what direction? And I giving with my body in the South, or determining with it in the East? State specifically how your body is out of balance. Click to review imbalances with the physical body.

Do I see a minimum of three different viewing points or options when receiving input in my mind? Or do I have tunnel and see only one way to do something? If so, identify the direction and aspect of its imbalance. Click to review imbalances with the mind.

Am I passionate about my life? Do I have hope? Or do I lack spirit and feel hopeless and helpless? If so, name the direction and aspect of its imbalance. Click to review imbalances with spirit.

Am I openhearted? Or do I feel shutdown and lifeless? Click to review imbalances with sexual life force energy.

  1. Keep an inventory. Look for patterns that occur time and time again. For each pattern you discover, make an affirmation about what you are going to do differently to bring yourself and your energy into balance in that area.

Red Lodge: Introduction to The Path of The Sacred Warrior

At this time in history, there have never been more options for spiritual exploration.  Are you seeking a path to follow for sacred living?


Red Lodge: Introduction to The Path of The Sacred Warrior

Red Lodge is a structured, year-by-year program to take you through time-honored, alchemical ways of healing the self, developing your inner warrior and connecting with Spirit to live as a sacred human being in balance with life, nature and the sacred laws of the universe.

At this time in history, there have never been more options for spiritual exploration.  Many men and women are seeking their path to follow.  The Red Lodge Longhouse program is backed by a lineage of elders that have centuries of teachings and ceremonial experiences as a foundation for self-growth.  This offers all students the solidity needed to navigate the changing world we live in.

The Red Lodge Longhouse program offers teachings, tools, ceremonies and warrior techniques in six weekend sessions over the course of the year as well as one week out in nature for extended ceremonial experiences.  This program is open to all who are seeking their inner light and truth.  Each year’s group of students share in the interpersonal work to heal themselves and create a community of like-minded humans that desire to become sacred humans.

The path of the sacred warrior is indeed a great journey, and you must do the walking and have the willingness change and make the leap into the next level of human evolution. But for those who are willing to be an inquisitive, free-thinking individual who takes responsibility for your life, a life filled with dharmic opportunities is calling to your spirit.

Are you ready to make the leap?

Join us for our first 2014 session January 17 – 19, 2014 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Click here or email for more information and registration.

Red Lodge Debuts in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Red Lodge Longhouse

Red Lodge Longhouse debuts in Calgary, AB, CA

Red Lodge Calgary kicked off in January 2010 with 16 students. The first graduating class completed it sessions with a Founders Day dinner for all the students and their families, plus other Calgary students, Director of ICSS Barbara Brachi, Senior Faculty Jay Tropianskaia and Programme Director Steve Pasmeny.  Next year’s teaching roster is John Ardagh in first year and Jay Tropianskaia in Second Year.

Red Lodge Calgary schedule for 2011:

  • Session 1: January 21 -23 2011
  • Session 2: March 11 – 13 2011
  • Session 3: May 13 -1 5 2011
  • Session 4: June 10 -12 2011
  • Ceremonial week: August 13 – 20 2011
  • Session 5: September 9 -11 2011
  • Session 6: November 25 – 27 2011

For more information about this program, contact Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies (Calgary) 403 277 7383, Programme Director Steve Pasmeny.

For more information about ICSS programs in Calgary, Toronto, and other parts of Canada, visit