Red Lodge Year 4 is Launched!

Jan 21-23, 2011, was the Arizona launch of the new Year 4 curriculum for the Red Lodge Longhouse. This curriculum will now expand to other Red Lodge programs around the world.  Red Lodge Longhouse is currently offered in several locations: Toronto, ON, Canada; Detroit, MI, USA; Calgary, AB, Canada; Tuscany, Italy; and Australia.  For more information about Red Lodge in these other locations, visit the DTMMS Red Lodge locations and schedules page.

From the DTMMS website:

“This fourth year of Red Lodge offers skill training in leadership to discover your individual gifts and shining as you evolve into the Rainbow Warrior who is committed to being of service to life and others and being part of the solution on this planet.”  This fourth year of Red Lodge includes a specific emphasis on the Sweet Medicine SunDance healing paradigm.

For more information on Arizona Red Lodge, visit the AZ Red Lodge web site, or call (888) 391-9033, or email