As We Move To The Winter Solstice…

As we move to the Winter Solstice...

We’re all aware how Grandmother Earth provides seasonal shifts through the year in our natural environment. What you may not know is Grandmother Earth’s internal, introspective movement moves counterclockwise around the wheel to produce the seasons of fertility and abundance of all forms of all things. As we move to the Winter Solstice (the shortest day and longest night of the year), we shift with Grandmother Earth to go into quiet and deep introspection, listen to our womb-space intuition, and allow old patterns to die and new ones to emerge from the darkness into the light.


What People Say About Red Lodge

What People Say About Red Lodge

We asked our former Red Lodge students what words they would use to describe their personal experience and gains by being in the longhouse program. Here’s what they said. How will Red Lodge change you?

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