White Bison in Connecticut: Update

Yellow Medicine Dancing Boy

Just a brief update on the white bison born in Connecticut earlier this year: he’s been named Yellow Medicine Dancing Boy.

The naming ceremony on July 28 was well-attended, and featured a thunderstorm.

Here’s a short news article from the Litchfield County (CT) Register Citizen: http://www.registercitizen.com/articles/2012/07/28/news/doc5014b69ec8cff422387468.txt.

The owners of the farm where he was born intend to keep him

Achieving that Delicate Balance

Don’t make Jack a dull boy!

Let’s take a little quiz!

All work and no play makes Jack:

  1. a wealthy boy
  2. a disciplined boy
  3. sleep really well at night
  4. a dull boy

All play and no work makes Jack:

  1. a happy boy
  2. a tired boy
  3. a mere toy
  4. a shallow, self-centered, perpetual adolescent

According to the often-repeated proverb, the answers are “a dull boy” and “a mere toy” respectively. Who wants to tempt that fate?

Instead, come to the Light Warrior Clan meeting on Sept. 23 (RSVP by Thursday 9/13!) and learn the from the perspective of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path a key wheel that we can always use to rebalance our lives. The Balanced Choreography Wheel gets us in touch with a way of using our emotions, body, mind, Spirit and Soul to get the train back on the track.

Contact the Light Warrior Clan, of Battle Creek, MI, through Meetup www.meetup.com/The-Light-Warrior-Clan  or via email at meglarou@gmail.com.

Also, don’t forget their Sacred Body Image Workshop the weekend of Sept 28-30 with Janneke Laughing Willow!

Pay It Forward – A Nia Jam!


Razel gets her groove on!

Today the Rainbow Power Center was jamming with music, dancing, laughter, health, and abundance as 22 women gathered to dance in support of the recovery of those with spinal cord injuries.  The event raised hundreds of dollars for The Lone Star Paralysis Foundation and was sponsored by Arizona Nia Teachers (including Razel Wolf who is also a SMSD teacher) and AZNiaNow.  A portion of these funds will benefit Daniel Curtis, the son of a Nia Trainer, who sustained a spinal cord injury in May of 2011.

From the Nia website:  “Nia is the original body-mind fusion fitness program – blending inspiration from dance arts, martial arts and healing arts to create a fun, pleasurable, health-enhancing practice for people of all ages and levels of fitness and helping us reconnect to the Joy of Movement!”

Flexibility, agility, mobility, strength, and stability. Joy, laughter, and the power of individual expression. Aerobics, stretching, coordination, technique, beauty.  Nia includes it all, and teachers and classes can be found worldwide.

We were blessed to have such power and giveaway fill our space today, calling us all into the dance!