Red Lodge Debuts in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Red Lodge Longhouse

Red Lodge Longhouse debuts in Calgary, AB, CA

Red Lodge Calgary kicked off in January 2010 with 16 students. The first graduating class completed it sessions with a Founders Day dinner for all the students and their families, plus other Calgary students, Director of ICSS Barbara Brachi, Senior Faculty Jay Tropianskaia and Programme Director Steve Pasmeny.  Next year’s teaching roster is John Ardagh in first year and Jay Tropianskaia in Second Year.

Red Lodge Calgary schedule for 2011:

  • Session 1: January 21 -23 2011
  • Session 2: March 11 – 13 2011
  • Session 3: May 13 -1 5 2011
  • Session 4: June 10 -12 2011
  • Ceremonial week: August 13 – 20 2011
  • Session 5: September 9 -11 2011
  • Session 6: November 25 – 27 2011

For more information about this program, contact Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies (Calgary) 403 277 7383, Programme Director Steve Pasmeny.

For more information about ICSS programs in Calgary, Toronto, and other parts of Canada, visit

DTMMS in the Blogosphere

For those who don’t live near a DTMMS lodge, study group lodge, or study group (or for those who do, but want more ways to connect with these teachings and the people who study this path), there are DTMMS sponsored blogs and other blog venues for sharing the ideas and experiences of this path.

DTMMS sponsors a Blogger blog for guest writers to share their ideas and perspectives on these teachings.

Other blogs have been started by individuals who study on this path as a way of integrating their own experience:Questions of Spirit, The Inquiring Minds Salon, and The Path to Enlightenment is Paved By…? are three examples.

To contribute as a guest writer on the DTMMS sponsored blog, or to share the link to your own blog, contact

Arizona Red Lodge Finishes Its Year

The Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse program completed its final 2010 session last weekend, 11/12 – 11/14.

Students participated in a full weekend of teachings and ceremony from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, and martial arts, as well as testing and challenge to integrate the year’s learnings.

We capped the weekend with a completion celebration on Sunday afternoon.  Congratulations to all!

Next year marks the debut of the new Red Lodge 4th Year curriculum, featuring continuing work with the healing paradigm, plus study of dharma, maturational development, the addiction paradigm, and how we design our lives.

The 2011 Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse program begins in January. For more information, call (888) 391-9033.

The Red Lodge Longhouse Program is the 4-year basic training program of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, featuring teachings, wheels, keys, and ceremonies from SMSD.  Red Lodge is offered in Phoenix, AZ, USA; Toronto, ON, Canada; Torracce, Assisi, Italy; and Australia. For more information, visit the DTMMS web site, or contact the DTMMS office.