Bringing in the New Year with Intent

Looking for a way to welcome the new year with an extra helping of reflection, connection, and intent?  Several of our associated lodges and groups are hosting events which include ceremony and community, including:

  • Warrior Spirit Lodge, Phoenix AZ USA – New Year’s Day ceremony and potluck
  • Thunder Awakeners Lodge, North Carolina, USA – New Year’s Eve ceremony and potluck
  • Black Lightning Lodge, Toronto, ON, Canada – New Year’s Day ceremony

Visit our locations page to find a study group or lodge near you.

Snow in Scottsdale? Yes!

One of the possible forms of a snow crystalYes, snow. On Monday morning, for about 1/2 hour, we had the rare experience of big, fat, fluffy snow falling in north Scottsdale. See a photo and video (flying over the area – good views of snow-dusted AZ landscape) at

(And, incidentally, check out for some fantastic images of actual snowflakes captured by Kenneth G. Libbrecht of Caltech using a specially designed snowflake photomicroscope.)