Medicine Wheel Gathering: Ontario Canada

It is time to celebrate and grow again!  ICSS’ popular Medicine Wheel Gathering returns for its second year:

ICSS Medicine Wheel Gathering

ICSS Medicine Wheel Gathering

Last year we celebrated the opening of the gates into the 5th world.  We did ceremony, shared teachings, enjoyed the warmth of our community (including swimming and ice cream) and reveled in the beautiful weather of August.

This year we have entered the 5th world and are living in unsettled times.  Our theme this year is “For the Love of Self” where you will discover your sacred container, the deep well of self-love and self-devotion.  We invite you to dance with us again as we leave the familiar of the 4th world behind and enter into this new adventure called the 5th world.

The Medicine Wheel Gathering runs August 22-25, in Ontario. For more information, visit the Medicine Wheel Gathering Dream of the New World page at ICSS.

Shamanism and 2012: Conference in Toronto, Canada

We invite you to come to our first Shamanic Conference sponsored by ICSS. The event, which runs 9am-5pm on Saturday June 9, features keynote speaker Diane Seadancer Battung, along with presentations on:

  • Rites of Passage, with Barbara Butterfly Dreamer
  • shamanic approaches to death and dying, with John Thunderwolf Ardagh
  • ancient healing in modern times, with Anita Twin Snakes Dreamer

Lunch is also provided!  For more information and online registration visit

Shamanism conference in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Red Lodge Debuts in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Red Lodge Longhouse

Red Lodge Longhouse debuts in Calgary, AB, CA

Red Lodge Calgary kicked off in January 2010 with 16 students. The first graduating class completed it sessions with a Founders Day dinner for all the students and their families, plus other Calgary students, Director of ICSS Barbara Brachi, Senior Faculty Jay Tropianskaia and Programme Director Steve Pasmeny.  Next year’s teaching roster is John Ardagh in first year and Jay Tropianskaia in Second Year.

Red Lodge Calgary schedule for 2011:

  • Session 1: January 21 -23 2011
  • Session 2: March 11 – 13 2011
  • Session 3: May 13 -1 5 2011
  • Session 4: June 10 -12 2011
  • Ceremonial week: August 13 – 20 2011
  • Session 5: September 9 -11 2011
  • Session 6: November 25 – 27 2011

For more information about this program, contact Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies (Calgary) 403 277 7383, Programme Director Steve Pasmeny.

For more information about ICSS programs in Calgary, Toronto, and other parts of Canada, visit