The Medicine of Balance: Series in Michigan

The Light Warrior Clan in Battle Creek, MI, turns its attention to the medicine of balance in its next 12 month series of gatherings.

“Balance is everything! Without it we can be “slightly off our game” and in the extreme, experiencing severe illnesses. It is within the very essence of everything created that we can see balance.

Ha! Do we ever take the time to look? Do you see the male/female balance in that chair you are sitting in? What’s the value of pain and happiness, black and white, birth and death, introverts and extroverts?

Accessing our own male/female balance is key to navigating these days of the opening of the Gates to the Fifth World.

Join us for this 12 month series to explore balance through the teachings of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. Each monthly teaching will stand on its own so join us as you are able.”

Their extensive exploration of the meaning of balance and how to work with it in our lives will include working with Sacred Law and elemental balance.

For more information, visit their Meetup at