The World in Which We Live – East


The last cardinal direction we will explore is the East.

Sitting in the east direction is the element of fire, the season of summer, the human world, the sun as the heavenly body, our human aspect of spirit and spiritual, and the self-expression of illumination, enlightenment, pleasure, beauty, and medicine.

The east sings of the expansion of fire and is stabilized by the element of fire.  Summer models this expansive stabilization perfectly with its fire and heat of the sun and the full expansion of life’s vibrancy and joy!  Our spirits love expanding, manifesting beauty and pleasure through engaging life at the edges of the unknown and unfamiliar.

Among all creatures, the humans are the only world who were created with a free will, agency of choice, and self-determination.  We determine our reality.  It is also only the humans who have the genitalia for experiencing full body orgasm at will.  These two features distinguish us from the other Worlds.  With that comes authority, responsibility, and power.  It is our choice whether we exercise these in beauty and for recreation or in pain and for destruction.  To become “Humans” requires four evolutionary steps into maturity –

  1. Willingness to assume authority
  2. Ability to take full responsibility
  3. Desire to co-empower self, life, and others
  4. Knowledge to stand fully accountable

Hope is our gift when we are balanced in this direction.


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