Dependencies vs Self-Appreciation


Looking back to the first dark arrow, once our basic reality needs are met and we still claim to NEED something or someone, we opt for pain rather than pleasure, shooting the dark arrow of attachment from our quiver.

Opting for pain rather than pleasure are the choice points that signal a necessary death experience, for example, death of a pattern that is no longer working. These are the emotional shock points necessary for maturation to occur.  Recognizing emotional shock points for what they are, we re-interpret what we claim to need as WANTS.

If we stay at the effect and in reaction, choosing pain over pleasure, the second arrow we pick up within the Circle of Foxes is DEPENDENCIES.  Picking up this arrow keeps us from maturing and gets us caught in the adaptive triangle of Persecutor, Victim, Rescuer.

A good example of this is addictions.  In our imbalanced, immature state, we choose long-term pain and create short-term pleasure through using addictive substances, becoming attached to the initial “high” as a NEED.  We know deep inside that we don’t need the addictive substance.  And yet, we still WANT to re-experience the initial state of short-term pleasure again and again, thus creating dependencies on the addictive substances.  Picking up this dark arrow, we become the victim to the substance, whether its food, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, gambling, work, or co-dependent relationships, to name a few.  The substance can also be perceived as the “rescuer,” numbing the emotional pain or stress temporarily.  And ultimately, the substance also becomes our “persecutor”, causing affliction, sickness, disease, and sometimes even death.

As we choose the light, centered within our own circle and aligned with all forms of all things, the 2nd Light Arrow we pick up is SELF-APPRECIATION.

Once we choose to become Self-Aware (the 1st Light Arrow), we can create a strong internal concept of self.  Picking up the 2nd Light Arrow of SELF-APPRECIATION provides a concept of Self-Worth where we find value inside our self.  When we value and appreciate who we are in our uniqueness and individuality, we break the dark arrow of dependencies.  We no longer have the strong externally based wants that places us in the victim, persecutor, rescuer triangle.  We stand strong in our own circle, know our bottom lines, and maintain agreements with our self first.  From this place of centeredness, we can then negotiate clear agreements with others

By consistently picking up the second Light Arrow of Self-Appreciation, we break the 2nd dark arrow of dependencies.  We then gain the 2nd Rainbow Arrow of Introspection, which is the place of “going within” and listening to our body knowing. It is the place of death, change and movement.

It is also through our proper alignment with the four worlds of Grandmother Earth that we gain this Rainbow Arrow.  Introspection makes us aware of Grandmother Earth, the second Power of the Universe, and we feel the earth under our body. From the depth of introspection and intuition, we know that we are in relationship with all forms of life. Earth is our substance.


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Attachment vs. Self-Awareness


LIFE IS A CHOICE; when something happens, WE CHOOSE OUR RESPONSE. This choice becomes our action and colors our perception of what continues to happen.  Do we choose the dark (as defined by another and caught off balance within our patterns of pain) or do we choose the light (centered within our own circle and aligned with all forms of all things)?

The 7 Light Arrows are ours for the choosing…  Choosing the Light Arrows breaks the Dark Arrows. Persist in this practice and one day you will discover that the Universe has placed the Rainbow Arrows in your quiver in the place of the Dark Arrows.

The Circle of Foxes is those times when our choices, decisions, and priorities puts us into a spin where we are constantly chasing our tail. The first dark arrow that is selected is within this spin is Attachments.  This choice is based on strong needs that are out of balance and often motivated by ignorance.  We have basic reality needs such as are food and water, tools and skills, shelter and clothing, healing and knowledge, free will and orgasticness, without which we will truly suffer. Attachment, as an out of balance need, is the moment of choosing long-term pain for the sake of short-term pleasure.

Think of the moments where you choose long-term pain for short-term pleasure…  Are you attached to your cup of coffee in the morning or maybe a drink after work? Do you look at your phone before you are even awake and are out of bed in the morning? Maybe your cupboards or refrigerator have to be arranged just so. Maybe it’s the co-dependent relationship or possibly an addictive substance.  How do you create long-term pain in your life by choosing?

To break this first dark arrow of Attachment, we must be committed to and disciplined about picking up the 1st Light Arrow of Self-Awareness. This provides a concept of self, not defined by something external to us.  We are aware of our needs, our resources, what we know and what we don’t know, and when to ask for help. When we pick up this Light Arrow, we break the dark arrow of attachments, which had us attempting to meet needs that were not real by looking outside ourselves.

When we pick up the light arrow of Self-Awareness, the dark arrow of attachments is broken. Becoming self-aware destroys ignorance.  And our developing concept of self helps us to discern what is a true reality need and what is not.

Grandfather Sun, the first power of the Twenty Count, is a magnificent resource to bring light to our Self-Awareness.  He shines down on us and we feel the warmth and light of his rays throughout our whole being. We accept the Light as the source of our knowledge, illumination and enlightenment. We lighten up with the smile of the sun’s rays. Light is our focus.

And, if you are in a really dark place, look out into the night sky and just notice all those little points of light that are ready to guide you.  They are the abundance of possibilities that are right in front of you, if only you take the time to notice them.  So, grab a star and put it into your pocket!

When we allow our spirits to expand, when we soar with the eagle, we can catch those insights that illuminate our life.  When we compound the illuminations, we can achieve enlightenment.

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Life is a Choice!


We have all stubbed our toe at one point or another.  In that moment of pain, we actually have the ability to choose our response.  Sometimes, it is a millisecond of time before the cuss words fly out of our mouths, while we are hopping about, grabbing the toe that hurts.  But, in that millisecond, a choice was made.  What if, in that millisecond, you realized stubbing your toe was a warning about the lack of presence you were holding?  You could apologize to your toe and then thank your Higher Self for the notification to be present in the now.  I know it sounds silly, but stubbing your toe is a whole lot better than breaking your arm, missing the curb and falling flat on your face, or getting in a car wreck.

When something happens, we choose our response. This choice becomes our action and colors our perception of what continues to happen.  We are the Bow. The Quiver of Arrows is our resource circle of choice in self-expression. The Target is ourselves, life and others. What arrows we shoot is determined by our attitude and approach to life.  (S/he shot me a look that dropped me in my tracks is the perfect example of these arrows.) We are both “she/he who will not see” (our Shideh or lower Self) and “she/he who is learning or has learned to see” (Hokkshideh or Higher Self). Which one is operating as we reach into our Quiver of Arrows?

The Quiver is formed by our molding, sculpting and armoring. Simply put, this means that our resource circle is only as full and accessible as our life experience and process of self-development have made possible to date.  The Quiver contains three sets of seven Arrows: seven Dark Arrows colored by pain and reaction; seven Light Arrows colored by pleasure and responsibility; seven Rainbow Arrows which are the gifts of transformation and beauty. The latter are magickal arrows in that they are gifts to us from the Universe when we choose from the place of “learning to see”.

Life is a choice: do we choose the dark (as defined by another and caught off balance within our patterns of pain) or do we choose the light (centered within our own circle and aligned with all forms of all things)?  Choosing the Light Arrows breaks the Dark Arrows. Persist in this practice and one day you will discover that the Universe has placed the Rainbow Arrows in your quiver in the place of the Dark Arrows.

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Huaquas – harmony


For many years, the children (ages 5-12) attending our summer camp were taught about the huaquas.  At the beginning of the 10 days, they were given long necklace cords and each time they experienced a huaqua, they would “earn” a colored bead that corresponded to the direction of that specific huaqua.  Red beads were for happiness, black for health, white for humor, yellow for hope, and purple for harmony.  The key component of this learning was the children, as a group, decided what constituted being happy, healthy, humorous, hopeful, and harmonious.

It is through their eyes that we have the opportunity to learn how simple this can be!

Here is their list of what it means to be harmonious:

  • Walking / staying on the path
  • Helpful
  • Helping people with big heavy things
  • Helping old people
  • Helping one another
  • Praying
  • Cheering someone up
  • Cooperation
  • Apologizing
  • Treating people with respect
  • Listening to others
  • Music
  • Peace & quiet
  • Respecting life
  • Telling jokes at the right time
  • Picking up the trash
  • Being kind
  • Meeting new friends
  • Please and thank you
  • Sing / drum together
  • Honesty
  • Throwing away trash
  • Patience
  • Following directions
  • Asking for what you need
  • Notifying teachers when you want to leave

What does your list include??  What little things bring harmony into your soul, life force, chi, so you can catalyze with your sexuality?  What brings peace or calm to your spirit?  What supports open heart-to-heart communication with yourself, life and others?

To live a life in alignment with the powers of the directions, we must learn to

  • give with our emotions with tenderness
  • hold and transform with our bodies with intimacy
  • receive with our minds with caring
  • determine with our spirit with passion and lust, and
  • catalyze with our life force energy with open heart-to-heart communication

This is the definition of balanced choreography.  In achieving this balance, we become sacred humans, and receive the gifts of the huaquas: happiness, health, humor, hope, and harmony.

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