Mihirangi PPV: Deadline Extended & What People Are Saying!

Mihirangi PPV – What People Are Saying

Due to popular demand, the Mihirangi PPV show is now extended through December 31, 2013!


We’re happy to share with you how recent Mihirangi view parties around the country and world have brought together apprentices and seekers in community to listen to Mihirangi’s Maori teachings and special music as a part of our path’s first 8 Great Powers event.

In the PPV, watch part of a “Powhiri” (formal welcoming ceremony) from the Maori tradition, including “Whaikorero” (the formal speeches of the men), “Waiata” (songs), the laying of the “Koha” (gifting) and Hongi (sharing of breath) shared with Mihirangi, Batty ThunderBear and others.

First Creation Story (including a Maori perspective on the “Big Bang” theory), and its relation to Hongi

Te Kore Moteatea – traditional star genealogy prayer song

Centrality of genealogies in Maori tradition – including genealogies of trees and rocks!

And of course, Mihirangi’s special presentation of her own original looping and acoustic music.

You still have time to watch the PPV in your home before the end of the year deadline! Read on!


Listen to what people are saying:

“What an amazing presentation!! Mihirangi instantly draws you into her culture and her lineage with her warmth and humor. Her music is a magical blend of cultural rhythms and contemporary sound. We found ourselves deeply immersed in the Maori culture through story, song and visuals – some of it very familiar and all of it incredibly unique. Mihirangi is a woman of extraordinary talent!! This show is not to be missed – sign up now – you won’t be disappointed. We intend to show it again next week.”

– Mateo Swan, The Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge

“I watched the Mihirangi concert recently and if you haven’t seen it yet you are missing an amazing opportunity. This concert is the birth of the dream of the sharing of the eight great powers of the Rainbow Powers Center and it is a potent beginning indeed. Mihirangi’s style, as she shares stories about Maori culture and her background, is engaging and fun. Her ancestor calling not only brings the ancestors, but will bring chills up and down your spine.  From the traditional to modern, Mihirangi is an artist of the highest caliber and is a must see for anyone interested in the interface between music and spirituality.”

– John Ardagh, Toronto

Blessings shared from one lineage to another spill into songs sprung from the heart of a passionate woman. This concert came at a most poignant time for all who attended – and similarly will stir the hearts of all who view it from their own home town!”

– Janneke Koole, Phoenix

“Our Mihirangi Evening was a lovely gathering of young and old to visit, break bread, and share in the music and stories of this exceptionally talented young woman. She engaged everyone with her contemporary musical stylings, vignettes, and traditional stories.  Afterwards, a commonly expressed comment was: ‘I had a great time. Let’s do this again!’”

– Clark Fortune, Michigan

Gather friends and family and share, listen and watch now in your own home!  Click here to sign up and view. 

You can sign up and view any time between now and December 31, 2013. The cost is $40 and proceeds go to DTMMS for the continuation and expansion of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path and our contribution to the collective human evolution.

The Mihirangi PPV viewing parties have started!

The Mihirangi PPV viewing parties have started! Here’s what Sarah Shiningshield says about their Chicago party:

We had a great family gathering sharing music, fun and learning about the southwest powers. We shared in the Hongi – the breath of life, music, and the importance of knowing your genealogy. It was a great concert and a fun evening for all : )

To sign-up and view the PPV, go to: http://deer-tribe.com/mihi_ppv_signup.html


mihirangi ppv chicago


Mihirangi Maori Concert Pay-Per-View Is Now!

Mihirangi Maori ConcertPay-Per-View Is Now!

Experience The 8 Great Powers Spiritual Connection

With the Culture, Heart and Music of Mihirangi from New Zealand!

In late September, the Phoenix area enjoyed the culture, heart and music of Mihirangi live in concert, through her voice and teachings. We did some magnificent editing of the show, and now it’s your turn to experience Mihirangi’s Te Ao Wairua (Tey! O Why-roo-a) lineage reflecting the waters of life, spirit and genealogy all the way back to the Pleiades (the star nation people) from the convenience of your computer, Smart TV or mobile device!

This is a unique opportunity for all as this is the first time Mihirangi has allowed these teachings to be recorded!

Experience via streaming media Mihirangi’s lineage stories and teachings, as well as her original, artistically superb, loop and acoustic music. Mihirangi reflects the belief of the Ancestral Lineages of the Maori that healing at a cellular level is cast by sound vibration and movement, and that MUSIC echoes the patterns and cycles of Creation and vibrates and pierces one to the core.

How do you sign up?

Go to http://deer-tribe.com/mihi_ppv_signup.html . You can sign up and view any time between now and November 30th. Watch it on your own or have a viewing party with friends. The cost is $40 and proceeds go to DTMMS for the continuation and expansion of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path and our contribution to the collective human evolution.

Check out Mihirangi’s World Citizen clip above from the 9/26 concert in Scottsdale AZ on YouTube!

Longhouses Support the Rainbow Powers Center

The Bravo White Lodge and Internship Longhouse and the Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse showed their strong support for the Rainbow Powers Center at their recent meetings.

Red Lodge Longhouse

Bravo White Lodge and Internship participants contributed over $15,000 during their weekend session.  Red Lodge participants contributed over $2000.

Many, many thanks to all who have contributed, and who continue to contribute, to the Rainbow Powers Center project!

Red Lodge Longhouse is the basic training program of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, a four-year program designed to support the progress through the first three gateways of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.   Bravo White Lodge and Internship Longhouses are advanced programs for those in the fourth gateway.

Rainbow Powers Center Fundraiser Fun

Last weekend a group of friends of DTMMS held a fundraising event for the Rainbow Powers Center project.  Amanda, one of the event organizers, writes:

Good foodOn Sunday, May 22nd, a small group of apprentices and community members gathered to celebrate and raise funds for the Rainbow Powers Center.  We held a BBQ Pool Party with a Silent Auction entitled, Under the Rainbow.  In addition to having a LOT of fun, we raised over $1300.

It was a perfect day to be outside here in Phoenix, the pool was welcoming, the food delicious and the company excellent.  There were activities such as hoola hooping, fire spinning, drumming and guitar playing.  This was the perfect opportunity to bring the community together, celebrate our Medicine Family and raise money for our future home that will better serve our needs as a Tribe.

Rainbow Powers Center fundraiser May 22It was rather simple to organize the event.  Andrew opened his home, so there was no rental fee for space usage.  We created an Evite event page to keep track of RSVPs so we knew how much food to get.  We provided the protein, fixings, sodas and water.  We requested the community to bring side dishes, which worked wonderfully.  There was the perfect amount of food and it was all yummy!

Good musicFor the silent auction, we put a call out in the community and people were more than happy to offer their skills, talents and abilities as a donation for the Rainbow Powers Center.  All donations received for the RPC are tax deductible (in the US), which gave an added bonus to those who bought items from the auction.

Rainbow Powers Center fundraiser May 22

People donated many items and services, like firearms training, computer consultation, massage, dance lessons, statues, feather fans, smudge, medicine tools, music lessons, and more.  We found there are many talents within our community!  Many of the people who donated for the silent auction were present.  So this was truly an effort of a small group of people adding their gifts, talents and energies to become a sum greater than the individual parts.

From the one to the many, and the many to the one, never underestimate the possibility and power of a small few to effect the greater whole.  If each apprentice and surrounding community member does what they can, we will certainly achieve our goals in the timing we desire.  We are after all in the time of the Quickening with exponential potential!

Many thanks to all involved!

For more information on the Rainbow Powers Center project, visit the DTMMS web site.