The Road to Physical Mastery

Every martial arts master began from the beginning, faced incredible
challenges, got up and kept going again one day, one moment at a time.

No matter where you’re at in your own journey, are you striving for your
master form?

Click here to watch this video of one master in action!

Chloe Bruce Video

Self-Defense Weekend Seminar: Marc MacYoung Aug 16-18 Scottsdale

Ten No Kishi Dojo sponsors Marc MacYoung, self-defense expert, for a weekend of No Nonsense Self-Defense!

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, development of physical skill and mastery, including the ability to care for one’s own safety, is one of the significant aspects of self-growth.  In the process of developing our physical abilities, we learn an incredible amount about ourselves. Through his practical approach to awareness and self-defense, Marc will give us plenty of opportunities to learn in this way!

Join us for:

  • Personal Protection / Crime Avoidance talk – Friday evening, A look at how to non-violently foil a criminal’s attempts, followed by Q&A with Marc.
  • Martial Mechanics/Force Physics – Saturday. Learn how to use your body effectively.
    Marc says, “This seminar’s drills and techniques are not based on muscle. It’s training along the lines of a quote from Helio Gracie, ‘Train as if you are an old man because one day you will be.’ This kind of power doesn’t fade with age, like muscle and endurance. The older you get, the better you get.”
  • Knife Seminar – Sunday. Get an understanding how knives are used, and why people get stabbed; learn about the effects of adrenalin on perception and how it will make you ‘walk into (a blade) weed whacker’ ; look at the different kinds of violence and why your response is not ‘fighting’; develop skill and get information you can access easily even in a live-fire situation.

Limited to 30 participants. Early registration discounts available.
For more information and to register, go to

About Marc MacYoung

Marc MacYoung, No Nonsense Self-DefenseHe is considered by many to be one of the most analytical thinkers on the subject of surviving violence and personal safety today. What he teaches is based on experience and has proven reliability for surviving violence.

He has taught police, military, martial artists and civilians around the world. His message is always the same:Hand-to-hand combat is a last ditch effort when other, more effective, preventive measures have failed.

Since the age of 10, he has studied several styles of martial arts, including Karate, Wing Chun, Baqua/Hsing-I, Five Family Gung fu, Boxing, Western swordsmanship, Kali and various forms of Pentjak Silat. He teaches No Nonsense Self-Defense, a combination of formal martial arts techniques and principles and his real life experience, supported by research into the areas of psychology, criminology, sociology and legal use of force.

To see more about Marc, visit his web site, or the No Nonsense Self-Defense site.

Ten No Kishi Belt Promotion

Ten No Kishi Dojos - Karate Self-Defense Jiu Jitsu Chulukua-RyuCongratulations to Amanda Brazel, Ten No Kishi’s Student of the Year for 2011, who was recently promoted to orange belt.  Amanda demonstrated proficiency in a variety of blocks, strikes, and kicks, as well as katas and defenses.  Good job!

For more information, visit the Ten No Kishi web site.

More Harley SwiftDeer Reagan in Black Belt Magazine

In May of 1987, Steven Barnes mentions SwiftDeer in his Secrets of the Shaolin Temple column.  The main topic is Jeet Kune Do, the system Bruce Lee developed.  Terry Lettau, 9th degree black belt in Shorei-Ryu and a 7th degree in Shorinji Ryu Jiu Jitsu, speaks of himself and his teacher, Harley SwiftDeer Reagan, studying with Bruce Lee, and what they learned. Read more in the May 1987 issue of Black Belt Magazine on Google Books – see page 13.

Ten No Kishi Dojo, Scottsdale AZ

In 1989, Steven Barnes wrote about an encounter between Harley SwiftDeer Reagan and Mr. Barnes’ brother in law, who was studying martial arts at the time and seeking advice on improving his techniques.  Read about how SwiftDeer brought the chakras in and helped the student make some immediate improvements in his techniques in the June 1989 issue of Black Belt Magazine – Secrets of the Shaolin Temple, page 94.  (Note: Patric Young, Mr. Barnes’ brother in law, who was preparing for his green belt test in this article, is now a combat and training consultant for the Transformative Arts Institute, which teaches self-defense workshops.)

Visit the web site of the Ten No Kishi Dojo, Harley SwiftDeer Reagan’s martial arts school in Scottsdale AZ.

Five Belt Advancements in the DTMMS Dojo!

Ten No Kishi Dojos - Karate Self-Defense Jiu Jitsu Chulukua-RyuOn March 9, five martial arts students in DTMMS’s Ten No Kishi dojo tested for rank advancement.  Each student was asked to demonstrate a full range of knowledge and technique, including basic drills, katas, and self-defense sets to a judging panel of four – and each student showed significant gains from the time and commitment they had devoted to their training.  Our Soke, Harley SwiftDeer Reagan, presided in the assessment process, aided by two black belts and a brown belt.

Congratulations to all five students for their dedication and perseverance: Dakotah, promoted to yellow belt; Annetta, Love, and Galiel to orange belt; and Jon to blue belt (advancing two belt ranks in one test due the length and excellence of his training). We all gain from their investment.

Arizona Red Lodge Finishes Its Year

The Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse program completed its final 2010 session last weekend, 11/12 – 11/14.

Students participated in a full weekend of teachings and ceremony from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, and martial arts, as well as testing and challenge to integrate the year’s learnings.

We capped the weekend with a completion celebration on Sunday afternoon.  Congratulations to all!

Next year marks the debut of the new Red Lodge 4th Year curriculum, featuring continuing work with the healing paradigm, plus study of dharma, maturational development, the addiction paradigm, and how we design our lives.

The 2011 Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse program begins in January. For more information, call (888) 391-9033.

The Red Lodge Longhouse Program is the 4-year basic training program of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, featuring teachings, wheels, keys, and ceremonies from SMSD.  Red Lodge is offered in Phoenix, AZ, USA; Toronto, ON, Canada; Torracce, Assisi, Italy; and Australia. For more information, visit the DTMMS web site, or contact the DTMMS office.

Martial Arts Belt Promotions 9/29

Two more students received their promotion to yellow belt at the Ten No Kishi class on Wednesday 9/29.

Chip Lambert and his son Gavin demonstrated their determination to progress at their belt test.  Congratulations to both of you!

Ten No Kishi holds classes at the DTMMS Center in Scottsdale Monday through Thursday evenings.  The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path gateway process of self-growth and development includes the development of physical mastery – and martial arts is an excellent discipline to support that.

Martial Arts Belt Promotions 9/22

Congratulations to our 3 new yellow belts: Annetta Luce, Gaeliel Apostolou, and Love A.

All 3 earned their promotion to yellow belt at Wednesday evening’s class, where they demonstrated their development of the striking, blocking and kicking basics, as well as several katas.

Any time a student tests, they demonstrate their willingness to see their level of skill and to continue learning.  We honor this in our new group of yellow belts.

Interested in learning karate, jiu jitsu, and self-defenseTen No Kishi holds classes 4 nights a week at our Center.  Visit the dojo site for more information.

Ten No Kishi Student of the Month August 2010

Congratulations to Annetta Luce, Ten No Kishi Dojo’s student of the month for August!

Annetta’s diligent attendance and practice has resulted in significant improvement in her techniques and progress toward her next belt promotion.  Good job!

Visit the Ten No Kishi web site for more information about classes.