Circular Knowledge

The teachings and techniques you will read within these posts are held sacred over time by Elders from varying traditions. This knowledge is not linear, but rather circular in nature and aligned with the very structure of creation. It is knowledge that has been tested to ensure that it works regardless of person, place, culture or historical time. The Twisted Hairs Sweet Medicine SunDance Wheels (often written simply as SMSD) were collected and are presented because they hold keys that unlock the door to enlightenment. That may be as simple as “lightening up” our approach to life and as complex as resurrecting into formlessness!Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.57.33 PM

Do Not Believe a Word You Read…

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The Sweet Medicine SunDance Teachings, as brought to us through the Twisted Hairs, are part of an oral tradition that contains the legends of the very beginning of time.  You are not asked to believe these legends. You are simply invited to allow the stories to touch your heart, inspire your spirit and let your mind and body test them for yourself to see if the knowledge they contain works for you in your life.

Do not believe a word you read.

Rather apply these teachings in your own life

and test to see if it is knowledge that works —

knowledge that brings you pleasure and beauty!

The Walk of Beauty

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Join us as we explore how the Wheels and Keys work and how the world in which we live is structured. We have a rich birthright in our relationship with the varying forms of life, the worlds of Grandmother Earth. This birthright is explained and opportunities are offered for us to accept the gifts that are rightfully ours.

We invite you to care for these Teachings, to share your growing knowledge with others and to teach one another the Walk of Beauty you have integrated. As you do so, you will experience the healing ways of these Wheels and Keys. Aspects of yourself will be clarified and your life experiences validated.

The Call Goes Out: 144,000 Rainbow Warriors Needed

If you are reading these posts, you have heard the call and are a seeker of some way to become self-reliant and self-actualized. You have embarked on the Great Vision Quest of Life. The teachings of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path are presented to assist you in becoming a Rainbow Warrior. They teach you how to align with Nature and how not to be at the effect of anyone, anything, anywhere, at any time and in any way. They are an invitation to learn how to be at cause in the center of your own circle, awake, aware and alert to all that is around you. In this way, you will be able to make decisions that count. From this place, you will be able to choose how to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem we have created on this planet.

Double Rainbow

AZ Red Lodge Longhouse Eagle Dance

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September 23 – 25, 2016
NE Arizona

Gift yourself with an opportunity to dance to the Tree of Life and set your intention for the next year.
For more information or to register, contact Debra at



We have only to read the newspapers or watch the reporters on TV
We have only to walk around in our neighborhood or listen to the stories our children bring home from school
We have only to breathe the air or be stopped from swimming in the waters at the local beach
We have only to stop a moment to look and listen

Grandmother’s voice is heard in the gales of a hurricane
the moans of a hungry child
the extinction of another winged one
and the trembling of the earth

The call is made by all who love her
by leaders with heart regardless of culture, color or creed
by children yet unswayed by the meaningless mumble of empty words
by all who know that change is inevitable and it is we who determine the outcome

The time to respond is now, has been now and will continue to be now!

Are YOU a Rainbow Warrior willing to stand for the change necessary to bring balance to all the worlds of Grandmother Earth?
Claim and name one action you are willing to take to be part of the solution on Grandmother Earth…

AZ Red Lodge Longhouse Ceremonial Week

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Come to the high dessert this Fall and reconnect with Spirit through vision quest and purification ceremonies for the seeker in YOU!  This week is rich in opportunities to stretch and grow, as well as space for personal reflection.

Get out of the city and come back to nature!

September 19 – 25, 2016
NE Arizona

Email to register or for more information