The Call Goes Out: 144,000 Rainbow Warriors Needed

If you are reading these posts, you have heard the call and are a seeker of some way to become self-reliant and self-actualized. You have embarked on the Great Vision Quest of Life. The teachings of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path are presented to assist you in becoming a Rainbow Warrior. They teach you how to align with Nature and how not to be at the effect of anyone, anything, anywhere, at any time and in any way. They are an invitation to learn how to be at cause in the center of your own circle, awake, aware and alert to all that is around you. In this way, you will be able to make decisions that count. From this place, you will be able to choose how to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem we have created on this planet.

Double Rainbow

One thought on “The Call Goes Out: 144,000 Rainbow Warriors Needed

  1. anita staude says:

    I am Anita Staude and i live in North Fremantle Western Australia. i attended a Metis medicine society workshop with Moon Owl from England in the hills of Stoneville in the late 80’s. A group of us women also went on a wild trip with Moon Owl way across Australia to a teaching in Triabunna.Tasmania.
    Two years ago there was a fire and it wiped out everything but some fruit trees, a hen house and The cottage where Moon Owl stayed..for it had been called Owl cottage ever since at the property in Stonevlle called Warm Fuzzy Hill. They have now moved from the property to another place not far away.
    I was shocked and helped my friends clear the weeds..I still feel so very connected to that place because of the teachings that were passed onto me and the Pledge i made.there..but it is another time now.. . I am 57 with a partner and two children 14 and 17. I feel that things were put in motion then that are still today playing out….I work very hard everyday through art music writing and gathering community to preserve our bushlands and wetlands here especially from a proposed highway planned between two sacred lakes. In the middle of the large lake is a board walk in the shape of a turtle. We are going through amazing times just now and i wanted to tell you that several weeks ago a huge rainbow just appeared in the form of a sculpture made of shipping containers arched 10 metres into the sky..between two bridges in Fremantle.. a rainbow is a symbol for many people and i do remember the Rainbow Warrior story.
    I write with love and gratitude for the teachings i recieved.
    All my love Anita
    (The name i recieved in the Sweatlodge all that time ago was Smoky White woman.
    Please send my love to Moon Owl if any of you have contact .)

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