Wealth, Knowledge and Rainbow Powers


It is said by the Elders…

“Everything in the Universe has its way of giving to others…in other words its “giveaway“…and that includes us humans. Within the four races of humanity, there lies a rainbow giveaway of power, magick and mysticism. Through the process of evolution, these rainbow giveaways or “powers” have become the world’s religions, philosophies and belief systems, including modern science.

Today, we stand at a crossroad of awareness and enlightenment where we can look back on the paths that the great teachers have walked. We have available to us more than at any time in the history of this planet, a tremendous wealth and depth of knowledge and wisdom as taught by the masters of all religions, in the form of the written word.”

The Key To Evolution of Maturity

When our mind is full of “pre-thought” thoughts, there is little room for original thoughts to occur. Yet our soul’s evolution to maturity and the conditions on the planet today reflect more than ever the urgency for us as humans to think original creative thoughts.

To really learn how to think for ourself is the key to becoming the autonomous, free individual that is our birthright.


Honoring The Rivers That Flow

Everywhere around the world, our waters and rivers have nurtured creation for centuries. Are we nurturing our waters back? Are we giving and receiving in balance?

Take a look at this short film by Pete McBride as a reminder of the incredible beauty, strength and magnitude of a mighty river in the American Southwest. Click below to watch!

The Mighty River That Dried Up: “I Am Red”

colorado river