Celebrating 2010’s Accomplishments, and Looking Forward

2010 was a year of many accomplishments for DTMMS, and our friends and family.

In Red Lodge Longhouse news, 2010 saw the debut of Red Lodge in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, as well as the announcement of the 2011 opening of Red Lodge in Australia.   Year 3 of the new, expanded and improved Red Lodge curriculum went to students for the first time in 2010.  (Note: The final year of the new curriculum, Year 4, featuring teachings on the healing paradigm, dharma, the addictive personality paradigm, and more, will be presented for the first time in 2011!)

This was also a significant year for DTMMS publications.   The Thirty Sacred Laws, Part 3: The Ecological Balance Laws was completed this year.  Important publications for Rites of Passage ceremonialists were finalized and made available this year, as well as the Introduction to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Rites of Passage booklet, available to anyone who is interested in knowing more about Rites of Passage in general, and the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path Rites of Passage in particular.

DTMMS expanded our home quarters in Phoenix, Arizona, and immediately found new and compelling uses for the new space.  In addition, we made significant progress in our search for a permanent home.

Indeed, there have been more notable events and accomplishments than we can easily list!  Programs in Europe were strong, including Earth Lodge Germany and Earth Lodge Italy.   We salute our program leaders in Canada, Australia, and the US,  too, for the beauty and growth they brought.

We honor all of you who have worked with DTMMS over the past year,  all you have accomplished, and all this has opened up for you in the coming year.

And to all: best wishes for a prosperous, positively challenging, growth-filled, rewarding 2011!

Martial Arts Belt Promotion 12/22

Congratulations to Bruce Kube, who tested for and received his orange belt at last night’s Ten No Kishi class.

Bruce has worked diligently over the last several months to hone his skills, and as a result is also the Ten No Kishi Student of the Month for both November and December.

The dojo will take a break during the week of 12/27 – 12/31.  Classes resume on Monday, January 3.

Ten No Kishi classes feature karate and jiu jitsu with a focus on self-defense.

Arizona Red Lodge Open House Jan. 5, 2011

Do you experience life as speeding up?  Does that create stress in your life?  Interested in finding ways to create more balance and ease in your life?

Or, perhaps, in ways to break out of old habits which are starting to irritate you, or even to cause problems in your life?  (Maybe you have a hard time saying no even when you want to; maybe you find yourself over-indulging in food or other substances; maybe you have trouble with credit card balances;…)

Or, you might be curious about different perspectives on human-ness, on spirituality, on the nature of the universe and how we fit into it.

Red Lodge Longhouse

January 5, 2011: Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse Open House

If you are seeking in any of these ways, you might be interested in the Red Lodge Longhouse Program.

The Red Lodge Longhouse Program brings to its students the teachings and ceremonies of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, effective tools in a fabulous toolbox for working with your life, your self-growth, your choreography, your spirituality.

The Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse is sponsoring an Open House on January 5, 2011.   The Open House will feature question-and-answer session for those who have questions about the program, as well as a working session in which attendees will get a taste of the program itself.

For more information on the January 5 Arizona Red Lodge Open House, call (888) 391-9033.
Visit the Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse web site for an overview of that program.

Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse begins its 2011 session on January 14, 2011.

To find out more, visit our Red Lodge Longhouse information,  contact a program sponsor in one of our locations, or contact the DTMMS office.

Volunteer Appreciation, Part 3

Throughout the year, volunteers contribute immeasurably to the quality and success of DTMMS’ activities.  At this time of year, when we are preparing our planning for the coming year, we are profoundly grateful to those who have contributed time, energy, and skill to 2010’s many projects, including the creation of publications, ceremonial support, administrative assistance, project guidance and support, systems support, transportation, and so much more.

For example: without the help of Bruce, Dave, Don, and Jan, the latest issue of Deertracks could not have been mailed so very quickly.  Thank you!!!!

Another example: a HUGE thanks to our Board members, who work so diligently to take care for our organization!  And another HUGE thanks to Board committee members, advisors, and others who support this organization through the Board!

Our volunteers make so much more possible.  We thank you from our hearts, and wish you the very best in this holiday season and the coming year.

Healing in the Sweet Medicine SunDance Way

When someone talks about “healing,” what do you think of?  Recovering from a cold? Curing disease? Getting better after surgery? 

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path healing paradigm, the healed, or healthy, person is not just someone whose body is free from disease. True health encompasses our emotions, mind, spirit, and sexuality as well as our body. When we speak of healing, we mean coming into balance in all our aspects as well as with the natural world, into alignment with Sacred Law, and into alignment with one’s true self.

The Sweet Medicine Sundance Path healing paradigm is a shamanic way of approaching healing.  However, it is not a “traditional” way: it incorporates knowledge from several shamanic paths as well as western science.  It is a multifaceted approach to healing that addresses all aspects of us as humans: emotional, mental, spiritual, and sexual/soul force as well as the physical. 

Some of the basic premises in this healing paradigm are:

  • Each of us heals himself or herself – no one else can do it for us. This requires taking responsibility for our own healing (and our own lives!).
  • We heal through proper balance and alignment.
  • Disease and illness are teachers that we call in to learn some particular thing.  Understanding this, and where we are in our pattern of learning, is critical to our healing.
  • Healing can take other forms than the return of the physical body to health.

Our path offers a variety of techniques and ceremonies for those who desire healing.  Training in our healing paradigm is part of years 3 and 4 of the Red Lodge Longhouse program.  Both are available in a variety of locations around the world.

Visit the DTMMS web site for more information about our healing paradigm, or contact the DTMMS office or the Phoenix healing team.

Red Lodge Year 4 Debuts in AZ in 2011

Red Lodge Longhouse

Red Lodge Longhouse debuts new Year 4 curriculum in Arizona January 2011

In 2011 Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse completes the cycle with the new, improved Red Lodge curriculum as it debuts the new Red Lodge Year 4.

Year 4 allows students to deepen their knowledge of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path healing paradigm, explores how we play out and deal with addiction patterns in our lives, and works with a broad set of teachings and ceremony related to self-growth and the maturation process.

Year 4 also provides opportunities for students to complete the 3rd gateway ceremonial process.

For more information on Arizona Red Lodge, visit the AZ Red Lodge web site, or call (888) 391-9033, or email info@azredlodge.com.

Red Lodge Longhouse is offered in several locations around the world: Toronto, ON, Canada; Detroit, MI, USA; Calgary, AB, Canada; Tuscany, Italy; and Australia.  For more information about Red Lodge in these other locations, visit the DTMMS Red Lodge locations and schedules page.