7 Arrows – Rainbow Arrow of Gaining Total & Full Balance of Energy


By choosing the 6th light arrow of self-actualization, we are able to break the needy child syndrome dark arrow.  Choosing pleasure, having fun, doing what we enjoy, and being successful provides us with a concept of self-respect.  We discern and put energy into desires and actions, behaviors and thoughts that bring us pleasure, knowledge, and moments that transcend time.  We feel, sense and know our interconnectedness to all of life.

All life consists and emanates Chuluaqui-Quodoushka energy, the perfect balance of female-male energy, the inhalation and exhalation.  Through the use of this energy in our everyday life, we gain Total and Full Balance of Energy.  Our spiritual-sexual eros, that is our desire to live, expresses itself.

Rites of Passage: The Magical Transition from Child to Adult

“Magical” may seem a strong term to use – but when the challenging and complicated leap over the gulf between childhood and adulthood is made well, it is indeed magical.  With so many competing messages about what it means to be an adult, from parents, peers, social groups, movies and tv,  Rites of Passage provide guidance for the transition.  They support youth becoming adults within the community rather than outside it.

Frederick Marx, one of the producers and writers of the award-winning documentary Hoop Dreams, has begun work on a film about Rites of Passage.  The trailer for the film (see below) shows some of the impacts of the lack of Rites of Passage, as well as the benefits of having those ceremonies and rites.

Joseph Campbell talks about the need for and benefits of Rites of Passage, especially related to the transition from teen/child to adult and the major shift in the individual’s place in society which happens at that time (“On Becoming an Adult”):

The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path includes extensive Rites of Passage ceremonies, for age-related transitions from birth to childhood, teen, and adult rites, including the critical teen-to-adult transition.  It also includes ceremonies for major life events such as marriage and bonding.  If you are interested in learning more about our Rites of Passage ceremonies, please contact our Rites of Passage coordinator at ritesofpassage@dtmms.org.

Introduction to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage Intro cover

DTMMS has published a short intro to the SMSD Rites of Passage:

They enable us, both as individuals and as families/communities, to deal with change and provide an energetic “boost” to help us meet the transitions that occur on that journey. This booklet presents the reader with an excellent overview of the rites of passage of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.

Intro to Rites of Passage and Vision Quest in Michigan

This coming week visit the Crazy Wisdom Bookstore in Ann Arbor, MI, for an introduction to Rites of Passage and to Vision Quest.

Rites of Passage ceremonies help us mark key life transitions and integrate what we have learned. A Vision Quest is a chance to seek guidance from nature and spirit, and find new direction. Free.

Wednesday June 5, 7-9 p.m.  

Visit the Crazy Wisdom web site or the Michigan SMSD Vision Quest and Rites of Passage site for more information.  Or, contact the session leaders, Brian and Debbie.

Adult Rites of Passage Ceremonies in 2013 in Arizona, USA

Rites of Passage and Warrior Spirit Lodge are sponsoring two adult rites of passage ceremonies in early 2013.

Rites of Passage – ceremonies to integrate life experience

Rites of Passage ceremonies mark significant events, times, and turning points in our lives. They support our harvesting of wisdom from our life experience, and our moving into our next life stages with power.  The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path has a rich array of Rites of Passage ceremonies for children, adolescents, and adults, as well as for major life experiences.

33 Year Old Rites of Passage: Natural Self’s Evolution
Feb. 16, 2013

As we reach our 33rd year, we focus on developing our knowing of our own power and beauty as an adult. One of the ways we approach this is by working with the universal masculine and feminine energies, and recognizing those energies in ourselves.

Warrior Spirit Lodge, the home lodge of DTMMS in Phoenix AZ

Warrior Spirit Lodge in Phoenix AZ USA

Razel Wolf facilitates.

Please note: You must be between the ages of 33 & 44 in order to participate OR if you are 45+ you must have completed all the Rites of Passage ceremonies for your age. Please contact Krishelle for more information.

30 Year Old Rites of Passage: Book of Life Rewrite and Recapitulation
March 8, 2013

Entering our 30th year, we investigate those times when we put false limits on ourselves and reclaim our ability to exceed those limits. We look into our Shadow (the parts of ourselves that we prefer not to look at), to identify the times we disempowered ourselves and created Pretender Voices (inner voices which tell us we can’t, or shouldn’t, or otherwise misrepresent reality).  We then eliminate pretense by giving away Pretender Voices and replacing them with Commander Voices (inner voices which encourage us to positive action).

This is a 6 round purification ceremony, led by Razel Wolf.

Please note: If you are older than 30, in order to participate you must have completed all the Rites of Passage ceremonies for your age.  Please contact Krishelle for more information.

For more information, please contact Krishelle at rop-wsl@dtmms.org.

Spirit Camp: Rites of Passage, Family, Vision Quest – This August in Ontario, CA

Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies (ICSS)

ICSS – Ontario, Canada

Another opportunity to participate in the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path Rites of Passage and vision quest ceremonies is coming this August 12-16, in beautiful Ontario, Canada.

The Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies (ICSS) is hosting Spirit Camp, a week-long sojourn in nature encompassing Vision Quest students, Rites of Passage, and Family Camp, featuring:

  • Ceremony that supports and heals
  • Teachings and ceremony related to your current life stage and what life is communicating
  • Tools to support your evolution in these changing times
  • For families: Ceremony for parents and children, teaching and parenting, Men’s and Women’s Circles
  • Fun activities such as swimming, campfires, drumming and singing
Mid summer is a magical time to camp on this land near Bancroft, Ontario. Connect with Mother Nature while walking on the land, listening to the laughter of children.

Spirit Camp welcomes seekers, families, elders and the young as a community of spirit.

For more information, read about Spirit Camp at the ICSS web site, or email icss@tcn.ca.

Rites of Passage, Vision Quest in MI – July 25-29

If you are looking for ways to integrate changes you have made or desire to make in your life, or for inner guidance through connection with spirit, this combination of Rites of Passage and Vision Quest in western Michigan may be just the right thing.

Rites of Passage ceremonies help us make healthy transitions from one stage of life to the next, and move with confidence into our next phase. Like all good roadmaps, the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path Rites of Passage help us understand where we are, how we got there, and where we’re going. This ceremonial opportunity will allow you to meet change and grow.

VisionQuests allows you to seek guidance from Spirit, integrate change and find new direction.

For more information, visit www.visionquestmi.com, or contact Brian or Debbie with any questions you may have: http://www.visionquestmi.com/firststep.html.

Registration deadline is July 9.

Rites of Passage First Seed Ceremonial Weekend

Congratulations to all participants in our first Rites of Passage First Seed Ceremonial Weekend!

Held August 20-22, 2010 in Arizona, this Rites of Passage weekend focused on honoring the transition and maturation of boys (11-15) to young men, according to the teachings of Sweet Medicine Sundance Path. Five young men participated in the ceremonies honoring their growth and individuality. In addition, the parents/guardians received teachings and ceremony to better understand and give ongoing support to the young men through their transition.

Many thanks to Razel Wolf and Jeff Hohensee, ceremonialists, and to Bonny Phyfield, logistics coordinator, as well as to the young men and their families.

What some participants said:

I am deeply moved and grateful for the Rites of Passage experience. It has opened up a new way of thinking about relating to a young man in my life rather than just a growing boy. It has also opened his perspective of who he is and how he will relate to the world he is entering. Thank You. The weekend and level of care for the young men was beautiful.

Brian North, family member

Rites of Passage are so important. Our young people and people of all ages need this experience of connection throughout our lives. This is as important as schooling. Thank You.

Michael Chavez, family member 

It was an absolute privilege to witness and celebrate the honoring, growth, and beauty of these young men as well as their parents/guardians. Thank You.

Bonny Phyfield, logistics coordinator

Rites of Passage Intro Book Now Available

The Sweet Medicine SunDance Path has a rich Rites of Passage tradition, celebrating and empowering every stage of human life and transformation from conception through death.  In recognition of the growing interest in and need for Rites of Passage, DTMMS has published a new introduction to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Rites of Passage.

Introduction to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage Intro cover

Designed to provide a basic understanding of the purpose of various Rites of Passage ceremonies within the context of human maturation, this 75-page book outlines the general aspects of maturation that we face at different times of our lives, and the types of ceremonies available to us at those passages of our lives.  When we think of rites of passage, we often think only of puberty-related ceremonies, or those which mark the transition from childhood into adulthood.  However, there are many additional significant transitions in our lives, such as birth (pretty significant transition!), and the movement from adult to elder.

“A rite of passage acts as a contributing agent to assist humans in effectively navigating their lives. It helps an individual to meet basic human needs and to move into and through adulthood with greater resources of inner strength and connection to Spirit.”

The book also includes information about Life Transitions and Special Occasions rites, such as bonding ceremonies.

The Introduction to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Rites of Passage is available from the DTMMS online bookstore.

More about the Introduction to the Sweet Medicine SunDance Rites of Passage…

Note: This book is not intended to guide you through specific ceremonies.  Rites of Passage ceremonies must be facilitated by a certified Rites of Passage ceremonialist.  For more information on this, contact the DTMMS Center at dtmms@dtmms.org.

Rites of Passage – Transition from Boys to Men

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society is sponsoring a First Seed Ceremonial Weekend, featuring the Rites of Passage ceremonies honoring, celebrating, and enhancing the transition from boyhood to manhood, on the weekend of August 20-22, 2010.

This ceremonial weekend, to be held in northeastern Arizona, is open to young men, ages 11-15. The weekend will offer the First Seed Rites of Passage Purification Lodge and Medicine Naming Ceremony. These are the first two ceremonies in a series of Rites of Passage Ceremonies within the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path that mark and celebrate this journey and passage for young men.

Parent(s) and/or guardian(s) are encouraged to attend with their young man.  Please discuss these arrangements with the registrar.

Registration deadline is July 20, 2010.

For more information, including registration information, see the First Seed Rites of Passage Ceremonial Weekend page, or send email to the event registrar at  ritesofpassage@dtmms.org.

Read more about Rites of Passage in general, and the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path ceremonies, in the DTMMS online Reading Room.

Our Children, Our Selves: Rites of Passage

The Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society embraces the fact that our children are the future of the world. The children will grow up to become world leaders, national leaders, volunteers, athletes, teachers, politicians and much more. If the children are taught to think freely, solve problems, and assume authority for their actions then they will help the world continue to prosper in the years to come.

For this reason, Rites of Passage are a very important part of our offerings.  These ceremonies mark important stages in our development, helping us recognize, celebrate and integrate our growth and process of maturing.  Rites of Passage ceremonies begin in childhood, and continue through adolescence, adulthood, and into and through our elder stages.

Through the wheels and keys of the Sweet Medicine SunDance path, we nourish the creative spirits of the children and prepare them for obstacles later in life. We offer various opportunities for children of all ages.