Spirits of all our Animal brothers and sisters


Our hearts begin to soar like an eagle on the fleeting wings of time as we spin towards the North to become the Dance within the Wings of the fourteenth Power. We see that this fourteenth Power swims as the dolphin and carries us through the rivers of life, through the aeons of time.  This Power flows into the great Lake of Memory and is Earth Father. He teaches us the Dance of the Snake so that we might be close to the ground and hear the Songs of the Rock People.  He teaches us to dance with the four-leggeds through the flowers and trees so that we can hear the Songs of the Plant People. This is the world of magick. We feel the Medicine of the Sacred Chant called How to Fly as the Eagle and we realize that this is, indeed, the Sweet Medicine Chant. Within it are the Songs of the Spirits of all our Animal brothers and sisters on this Sacred Planet.

What is YOUR body knowing of the Earth Father and how do the spirit of the animals’ dance with YOU?

We invite you to share your experience and relationship to this fourteenth Power of the Universe.

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Earth Mother, Heart of the Plants, Our Heart

heart-autumn leaf

We seem to be playing faster now and more smoothly. We can no longer separate the Instruments from ourselves. We can no longer separate the sounds from the music. It is a part of us and this now seems natural. Deep within our heart we realize that the Song and the Dance have always been there and we sing for joy as we turn towards the South again. We begin to see and hear a sweet and gentle voice singing the beautiful lyrics of the Heart of the Plants. We realize that their Spirit is singing to us the Song of Nature. This is the thirteenth Power, our Earth Mother.  Her Song is beautiful for it carries the Light and the Spirit of all the Plants straight into the fibers of our Being. Her Song travels up the light paths of the umbilical cord of life and straight into our hearts. Hers is the beautiful Song of the Blessed Beauty Way Chant.

What is YOUR body knowing of the Earth Mother and how does this energy dance with YOU?

We invite you to share your experience and relationship to this thirteenth Power of the Universe.

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12 Planets with Human Life


There are many Songs in many Dances in many lives. Yet we had thought there was but one Song. That was our feeling of separation! We turn to the West so that we might hear the Song of the Looking within Circle Chant that is coming from the twelfth Power, the Grandmother Planets.  There are also many Songs and Dances coming from this Power. All of these speak of many lives, of all our brothers and sisters, throughout all the planets and worlds of this Universe.  There are, in fact, many Great Orchestras. They are singing to us the Grandmother Songs of the Power of Woman. Especially, they sing the special Song of Everything is Born of Woman.  We begin to spin and dance with this Beauty.

Earth is one of the twelve Sacred Grandmother Planets with human life.

Yes, twelve planets with human life are out there in the galaxy!


What is YOUR body knowing of the Grandmother Planets and how does this energy dance with YOU?

We invite you to share your experience and relationship to this twelfth Power of the Universe.

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Grandfather Stars: Illusion-Breakers, Inspiration-Providers


We look again to the East and we see and hear many Voices, many Instruments, many Songs being played in harmony with Grandfather Sun’s Song. These are the Grandfather Stars, the eleventh Power. They are singing the Song of Inspiration and the Chant of the Heyoehkahs.  There are many Songs here and each is a Sacred Teacher. The Light coming from these Songs begins to reveal to us our own illusions. We begin to see why it is so hard and yet so simple to sing this Song.

The stars shine no matter what, day and night.  So many stars, so many possibilities. We look to them for the astrological signs they represent.  They guide us in our navigation, little beacons of light in the dark.

Sacred Grandfather Stars are those stars who are suns for planets with human life.


Have you ever wished upon a shooting star?  Or spent hours outside at night looking up at the stars?  Need to discern whether you are in illusion or reality, call on Grandfather Stars.

What is YOUR body knowing of the Grandfather Stars and how does this energy dance with YOU?

We invite you to share your experience and relationship to this eleventh Power of the Universe.

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Measure, Intellect, Spirals, Light


It seems as though the Circle is complete, but then we really begin to awaken. We feel drawn, pulled by a spinning, whirling sensation. It is as if the winds of a tornado were blowing us towards the North of the Center of this Great Wheel, this Great Orchestra. The Power is elusive, the sound is on a very high scale and comes from the tenth Power. It is on such a high scale that the light-within-the-sound seems beyond our ability to perceive. The sound-within-the-light seems to be ringing inside our head, inside our own mind. For a brief moment as we are singing our Song, playing our Music, dancing our Dance, we fall into perfect rhythm and harmony. In this moment, we realize that this tenth Power is the Great Measure, the Great Intellect that lies within ourselves. It lies within every Note, Song, Sound, Light, Presence and Power within this Great Orchestra.

We are conscious of it and yet unconscious of it. We seem to be a part of it and yet not a part of it. We struggle to remain in harmony and not lose it, for we know, intuitively, that it is here that all of the Energies, all of the Instruments, Sounds and Songs are collected. They are blended together in a Collective and Unified Circle.

Now we dance at a Gateway. We see, hear, sense and feel the experience of this great SunDance. We realize that if we can dance through this Gateway, an even greater Song is being played. This Song is coming from within the Circle and from outside the Circle at one and the same time. There is a “double energy” that is coming from each of these Powers on the Wheel of Life.

Completion (sometimes called Solution) is the expression of artistic originality into all forms of all states of consciousness.  All the consciousness of minerals as holders; plants as givers; animals as receivers; and all states of consciousness of humans as determiners equal a sacred measurement of ten.  Light is creating itself into all forms of all things.  Thus, the Step of Completion is both the end and the beginning – a new revolutionary cycle begins even as one completes itself.  Obtaining solution on one level merely opens the door to the next level of challenge.


Can you feel the spiral moving through your life?  Are you able to embody the light coming from your soul’s infinite delight in growth, pleasure and knowledge?  Are you a SunDancer?

What is YOUR body knowing of the Sacred Measure of Intellect and how does this energy dance with YOU?

We invite you to share your experience and relationship to this tenth Power of the Universe.

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Choreography: Priorities, Choices, Decisions…

We are playing and dancing almost in perfect harmony, but we are a bit off in our rhythm. We know this because we hear the Sound and feel the Percussion. We turn to look at this great Power. We see that it is Pure Energy that is bringing this Song. It is Movement itself. It is the ninth Power that is dancing and flowing with the rhythm of all the other sounds. Catching it, tuning to it, is aligning to the Great Choreography. We see and know that this is Movement.  Change happens here. We begin to perceive that maybe the Song is written here, designed from this place. This Song sings to us from the Northeast section of the Great Orchestra.

Each world teaches us how to be balanced humans, or how to balance our choreography, which consists of all the choices, decisions, and priorities we make and create in our life.  The mineral world teaches us how to hold and transform; the plant world exemplifies how to give; how to receive is knowledge from the animal world; the human world, in alignment with Great Spirit, are the determiners; and the Spirit World shows us how to catalyze our life.

These five actions also correspond to an aspect within us.  The mineral world and its ability to hold and transform corresponds to our physical body; the plant world to our emotions; the animal world to our mental aspect; human world to our spirit; and the spirit world to our sexual aspect.

If you feel out of balance, call on Cougar as your animal guide and ally, for they are the Keepers of balance and harmony on one’s Path with Heart. They are also the Keeper of choreography. They teach us how to have balance in movement and change; how to awaken the aura, increase orende (chi, ki, prana, life force energy) and make death an ally. Cougar helps to design and bring in what’s needed for our Path with Heart. They are a balancer and healer of muscles, bones, joints. A supreme survivalist, Cougar teaches us to stabilize and learn how to do any physical act without injury. (Includes all big cats like the puma, panther, mountain lion)


What are your priorities?  Do the choices you make support what you have prioritized?  And is your every little decision in alignment with your choices that uphold your priorities?

What is YOUR body knowing of the Sacred Design of Energy and how does this energy dance with YOU?

We invite you to share your experience and relationship to this ninth Power of the Universe.

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Dreams: Awake, Asleep, Bringers, Keepers, Protectors


As they sing their Songs and play their Music, we begin to hear from the seventh Power which is playing in the Southwest. This Power is difficult to hear, for its Song comes from within us and yet is outside of us. Here sits the Power of the Sacred Dream and it sings to us the Song of the Beauty of Symbol. It sings to us the Song of Beauty. It sings to us the Chant of the Memory Circle and if we hear this Chant, we begin to Awaken. We begin to realize the Past, the Present and the Future may appear to be different Songs, but they are really different lyrics within the same Song.

We know from other Course of Study Modules that there are four types of dreams:

  1. The personal dream—our day to day tonal (material, substance) existence and survival
  2. The sacred dream—our self-growth and maturity
  3. The collective dream—peace and freedom on Grandmother Earth
  4. The planetary dream—this planet’s next evolutionary step

The Snow Goose is the Bringer and Keeper of the earthly, personal and tonal dream, meaning how we live our everyday life. Do we have a roof over our head, food in the pantry, gas in the car?  Are our bills paid?  Are our bodies healthy?  Snow Goose helps us to translate the screenplay our Higher Self wrote it in our Book of Life, bringing clarity to our awake dreaming.

Bears are Keepers and Protectors of the Dream.  You can call the bear if you need help to hold the Dream.  Brown Bear is the keeper and teacher of the everyday Tonal Dream and usually has the tonal world in balance.  Black Bear tells you when your dream spaces are being invaded and when/that you need more protection. The Grizzly Bear is called the great “sleeper/dreamer.”  It is the keeper and teacher of the Sacred Dream, teaching us the sleep dream, how to know ourselves through the introspection of the dream, and how to actualize our reality.  A great dream interpreter, the Grizzly Bear teaches how to survive turmoil and trauma and how to protect home, loved ones and possessions.

The Gain of Abundance and Prosperity in our Personal Dream, our day to day life, is gifted to us as the 7th Rainbow Arrow.  We have the energy and drive to open to our Sacred Dream, our desire for enlightenment.  We give our beauty and shining to the Collective Planetary Dream, and the Collective begins to feed your Personal Dream.

Your Dream is Awake!

How have you been dreaming this dance? What is your part to play in making sure you awaken from the nightmare and dream a new dream for Grandmother Earth, one that includes autonomy, individuality, and freedom for all peoples?

What is YOUR body knowing of the Sacred Dream and how does this energy dance with YOU?

We invite you to share your experience and relationship to this seventh Power of the Universe.

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Cycles, Rules & Laws, Sacred Image


To know all the words, lyrics and melody of this Song we must turn to the Northwest, to the eighth Power, for this is the Song of the Circle of Law. At first, we may be confused. We must listen closely. There appears to be more than one Song coming from this place and there are many instruments that are being played by this Power of the Northwest and we see that they are really Rules and Laws. The sounds they make are those of the Sacred Image and Law Chants. Together they create the Rules and Laws or our Sacred Image or the Circle of Law Chant.

This really causes us to listen because we are beginning to hear the harmonics carried within the Southeast and blending with those of the Southwest. These are like whispers within the Sound of the Circle of Law Chant. Now we are really becoming awake and we begin to notice that we See the Sound within the Light and Hear the Light within the Sound! At first, this is confusing, but it seems to wake us up from the more common sleeping state. We begin to tune our instruments so that we can play in harmony with what we are experiencing. The longer we play, the more in tune we become! We begin to see and hear that within this Circle of Law Chant is our book of Life and all the Songs that we have ever sung, all the Music that we have ever played and all the Chants that will be our Dream of the Future Song. This is our Music that we play.

Grandmother Earth’s Cycles
South: Sunrise
The earth is in a phase of exhalation, breathing out.
This is the act of “catching of the spirit.”
Grandmother Earth is exhaling and being in the water and fluidity of self.

East: Midday
Here is the time of recuperation for Grandmother Earth.
Everything shifts and it is a “resting of the spirit.”
It is the time of day when the plant growth slows down, for they rest within the heat of the day.

North: Sunset
This is when Grandmother Earth begins her inhale.
You will oftentimes notice that the wind will blow stronger.
This is known as “seating the spirit.”

West: Midnight
This is when Grandmother Earth rejuvenates. She is healing herself.
It is in the moonlight that plants make their greatest amount of growth.
It is called the “calming of the spirit.”

We as humans have four times of change as well. However, they are a little different. You will notice that midday and midnight is where we have switched the East and West with Grandmother Earth’s movement. Due to society’s scheduling, most humans lose alignment with their inner change time. At midday, we need to go inward and rest our body lodge, here most people are working. At midnight during our fire time most people are sleeping. The strongest time for humans to do ceremony is between midnight and sunrise! It is naturally their active fire time.

“The sun teaches to all things that grow their longing for light,
But it is night that raises them to the stars.”
Kahlil Gibran


What is your favorite season?  Has it changed over time?  Does it have a relationship to the time of year you were born?

What is YOUR body knowing of the Sacred Law of Cycles and how does this energy dance with YOU?

We invite you to share your experience and relationship to this eighth Power of the Universe.

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7 Generations, Sacred Ancestors


Always seek perfection through becoming impeccable.  Find the inner truth which leads you into proper alignment with all things within the Everything, allowing you to come into harmonic resonance with the ancestors and the Great Spirit. ~ SwiftDeer

Within the Medicine Wheel of Life, we turn and face the Southeast where the sixth Power sits and listen to the Power of the Ancestor Song. Their Song is singing to us of the Beauty of the Concepts of Self as a Spirit, a Soul, who can sing and play in harmony if we will learn the Enlightenment Chant and begin to SunDance. They teach us this SunDance in order that we might learn the Songs of Self-Acceptance, Self-Appreciation, Self-Pleasure and Self-Love.

It is the ancestor spirits’ journey from spirit into substance and substance into spirit that makes transformation and evolution possible.  We are the culmination of all the potential of all our ancestors, and we owe them honor and respect.  We have the opportunity and the obligation to develop our excellence to actualize the potential of our ancestry and carry the Beauty and power of that legacy on to the next seven generations.

What legacy have your ancestors gifted you with?  What legacy are you going to leave behind for the next seven generations?  Have you learned the Enlightenment Chant?

What is YOUR body knowing of the Ancestor World and how does this energy dance with YOU?

We invite you to share your experience and relationship to this third Power of the Universe.

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Balanced Fives, Sacred Humans


The fourth-born children of Grandmother Earth are Humans.  When we are unbalanced, we sit as two-legged animals in the Center of the receiving world of the animal wheel. We enter the Sacred Human World, the fifth power, which sits in the East of the Twenty Count, as we evolve and become balanced human beings as determiners, taking responsibility for our place in the web of life.

Among all the creatures, it is only the humans who were created with free will, an agency of choice and self-determination. It is also only the humans who have the genitalia for experiencing full body orgasm at will. These two features distinguish us from the other Worlds. We determine our own reality and with this comes authority, responsibility, and power. It is our choice whether we exercise these in beauty and re-creation or in pain and destruction.

In order to make a transformation to soul consciousness as balanced humans, we are called upon to be in a state of sobriety – awake, aware, and alert to reality as it really is.  This means digging diligently and courageously into our inner landscape – cleaning house, mending fences, healing wounds, bringing our potential and passion out into the light and acting now to shatter that external shadow mirror.

The Human World wheel tends to create controversy because it distinguishes between red, black, white, yellow, and mixed races, called metis.  Furthermore, in these modern times, unique cultural and racial distinctions are blurring as technology shrinks the globe, and the world community continues to become more homogeneous.  This Human World Wheel teaches the traits and gifts of humans as determiners of energy and honors the unique beauty of the gifts and give-away of each race of people that the soul seeks in its evolution and chooses as part of the mold for our spirit personalities.

The Twisted Hairs Elders say that each of us is a spiritual metis, as we have reincarnated into each race many times.  (They say that since each spirit personality, guided by the cycles within Sacred Law, reincarnates a minimum of 144 times to evolve to the point of resurrection and enlightenment, our spirit personality has incarnated into each race a minimum of thirty-six times.)  Furthermore, we all have red blood, black pupils, white bones, and yellow marrow in our bones (colors of the four directions of the Medicine Wheel), and we carry the gifts and give-aways of each of the colors within our cellular memory.  All we need to do is access that memory to realize we are metis; we are all brothers and sisters in the larger family.

The Collective Dream of Grandmother Earth is that all humans walk as “balanced fives” or Sacred Humans — that is, in total alignment, balance, and harmony with the Self, the five Worlds of Grandmother Earth and the 20 Powers.

How are you the determiner of your own life?  Are you a balanced five walking toward enlightenment?  Are you part of the solution, walking in sobriety, taking responsibility?

What is YOUR body knowing of the Human World and how does this energy dance with YOU?

We invite you to share your experience and relationship to this third Power of the Universe.

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