Ten No Kishi Student of the Year 2011: Amanda Brazel

Ten No Kishi Dojo

Ten No Kishi Dojo, Scottsdale AZ

Congratulations to Amanda Brazel, Ten No Kishi Student of the Year for 2011.  Amanda attended classes diligently throughout the year, and significantly improved her kata forms and techniques.

Congratulations also to the other TNK students who also worked hard over the course of the year.  In recognition of your progress last year, and looking forward to continuing learning and growth in 2012: Cheers!


Ten No Kishi Dojo, in Scottsdale, AZ, home of Chulukua-Ryu, features karate and self-defense classes.

Five Belt Advancements in the DTMMS Dojo!

Ten No Kishi Dojos - Karate Self-Defense Jiu Jitsu Chulukua-RyuOn March 9, five martial arts students in DTMMS’s Ten No Kishi dojo tested for rank advancement.  Each student was asked to demonstrate a full range of knowledge and technique, including basic drills, katas, and self-defense sets to a judging panel of four – and each student showed significant gains from the time and commitment they had devoted to their training.  Our Soke, Harley SwiftDeer Reagan, presided in the assessment process, aided by two black belts and a brown belt.

Congratulations to all five students for their dedication and perseverance: Dakotah, promoted to yellow belt; Annetta, Love, and Galiel to orange belt; and Jon to blue belt (advancing two belt ranks in one test due the length and excellence of his training). We all gain from their investment.

Martial Arts Belt Promotion 12/22

Congratulations to Bruce Kube, who tested for and received his orange belt at last night’s Ten No Kishi class.

Bruce has worked diligently over the last several months to hone his skills, and as a result is also the Ten No Kishi Student of the Month for both November and December.

The dojo will take a break during the week of 12/27 – 12/31.  Classes resume on Monday, January 3.

Ten No Kishi classes feature karate and jiu jitsu with a focus on self-defense.

Martial Arts Belt Promotions 9/22

Congratulations to our 3 new yellow belts: Annetta Luce, Gaeliel Apostolou, and Love A.

All 3 earned their promotion to yellow belt at Wednesday evening’s class, where they demonstrated their development of the striking, blocking and kicking basics, as well as several katas.

Any time a student tests, they demonstrate their willingness to see their level of skill and to continue learning.  We honor this in our new group of yellow belts.

Interested in learning karate, jiu jitsu, and self-defenseTen No Kishi holds classes 4 nights a week at our Center.  Visit the dojo site for more information.

Ten No Kishi Student of the Month August 2010

Congratulations to Annetta Luce, Ten No Kishi Dojo’s student of the month for August!

Annetta’s diligent attendance and practice has resulted in significant improvement in her techniques and progress toward her next belt promotion.  Good job!

Visit the Ten No Kishi web site for more information about classes.

Martial Arts Belt Promotion 6/9

Congratulations to John Kent III, who earned his promotion to blue belt in Kenpo through Harley SwiftDeer Reagan’s Ten No Kishi Dojo on Wednesday June 9!

Ten No Kishi classes meet Monday and Wednesday evenings at the DTMMS Center (see the DTMMS web calendar for details).

Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society: Our Offerings

Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society is a worldwide organization that was founded on the teachings of the Sweet Medicine SunDance path (SMSD).

We offer a variety of resources including study groups and lodges, longhouses, community ceremonies, rites of passage ceremonies, physical mastery, complementary healing ways.

Many people first encounter the SMSD path through our study groups and lodges.   These are often small, intimate groups where the wheels and keys are presented in ways highly relevant to daily life in community.  Our study groups and lodges can be found in 15 countries around the world, and in 20 states in the US.

Our Red Lodge Longhouse program is a 4-year structured program taking students through the first 3 ceremonial gateways, with in-depth associated teachings.  Each year of this program features 6 weekend sessions filled with teachings, hands-on applications, and ceremony; and in addition a ceremonial week-long event in nature. 

Study groups, lodges, and our mother lodge offer community ceremonies for all who wish to participate. 

One of our primary goals is to bring Rites of Passage back to the people – that is, to all of us.  In Europe these ceremonies have been offered for many years in the Earth Lodge programs in Germany and Italy.  We are currently working to bring a similar program to the US. 

The SMSD path encompasses all aspects of our being, including the physical; and developing physical mastery is an integral part of our gateway process.  We offer martial arts training through the Ten No Kishi Dojo, headed by our founder SwiftDeer.  In addition, students are encouraged to explore other disciplines and types of physical mastery.

In the SMSD healing paradigm, the healed, or healthy, person is not just someone whose body is free from disease. True health encompasses our emotions, mind, spirit, and sexuality as well as our body. When we speak of healing, we mean coming into balance in all our aspects as well as with the natural world, into alignment with Sacred Law, and into alignment with one’s true self.  This paradigm seeks to get at spiritual cause, not just at fixing symptoms.  Healing paradigm teachings and ceremonies are available in many lodge locations.

For more information on any of our programs, contact the main DTMMS office at info@dtmms.org, or the study group or lodge closest to you.