Red Lodge Longhouse


You may have heard about the Arizona Red Lodge Longhouse, but wondered what is that?!?

Just by hearing the name, you certainly would not know what this Longhouse is all about.  One of the challenges with describing this yearlong program is that in modern day syntax, there is indeed NOTHING like it.  An elevator, quick hit description doesn’t do this program justice either.

Historically, a longhouse was held during the winter months when everything slowed down and the entire community would come together to share, study and expand through sacred knowledge.  In today’s world, we don’t have the winter months to shut down our life and luxuriate in this approach to learning and seeking.

Our Red Lodge Longhouse seeks to keep the traditional ways of gathering  like-minded folks, but tailors the timing of these gatherings to today’s pace.  That being said, we gather 7 times over the course of a year, 6 weekends at our center and 1 week of ceremony out in nature.

Why would I want to invest this kind of time to this program?  What do we do over this course of a year?  At this time of fast paced life, seemingly unlimited technology, and so many options of things to do, we offer a time-tested approach to reconnecting to all of life, gaining tools to help us sort out our past issues, and determine our way to the life we choose now to have.

Join others that desire to create their life with a balanced approach, focusing on spiritual connection, personal growth and abundance.  You will gain tools for change, new friends, and an understanding of natural worlds.

As it seems easier to disconnect, this longhouse is all about connection.

Connect to your potential.  Join us!


Contact Debra at or call her directly – (602) 799 – 8564
For more information, you can also visit our website,

Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge Vision Quest

Raven Speaks Lightning Lodge Vision Quest

August 4 – 8, 2015

Near Mt. Adams, Washington, USA

Your personal ceremony will be tailored to your needs and backed with teachings, a strong lineage and deep alchemy. These most pivotal times in which we live are demanding that we stretch beyond limitation and embrace our Mastery.

Ceremony is the pathway to get us there.

Are you ready to fully awaken your beauty and power? If so, we invite you to join us for ceremony this summer! There is still time if you want to jump into the unknown.

Contact: Mateo or Martha at 503-747-7330 or email:  for more information

Mihirangi Viewing Parties Near You

Watch Mihirangi concert with loved ones!

Watch Mihirangi concert with loved ones!

Sometimes an event
is just more enjoyable
experienced in the company
of friends and loved ones

If you’d like to experience the culture, heart and music of the Mihirangi concert video in that way, here are some upcoming viewing parties:

Saturday October 19: Chicago, IL

Join us for celebration & dance at the Mihirangi viewing party! Adults, children welcome. Come dressed as you like – but be prepared for fun and dance. Bring party foods if you want. Celebrate the beauty & the dreaming of the Eight Great Power connection!  Festivities begin at 7:30pm.

Information: Contact Sarah at

Sunday October 27:  Berkley, MI (Detroit area)

Come for dinner and hear Mihirangi, the soulful carrier of a Maori lineage and a semi-finalist in New Zealand’s Got Talent 2012, at a streaming event held from 5-7pm.

 Information: Contact

If you are planning a viewing event, please let us know and we will post it: email

If you are considering planning a viewing event and would like more information
related to the Mihirangi and the concert event, let us know: email

Dance with friends to Mihi's music!

Dance with friends to Mihi’s music!

Bringing in the New Year with Intent

Looking for a way to welcome the new year with an extra helping of reflection, connection, and intent?  Several of our associated lodges and groups are hosting events which include ceremony and community, including:

  • Warrior Spirit Lodge, Phoenix AZ USA – New Year’s Day ceremony and potluck
  • Thunder Awakeners Lodge, North Carolina, USA – New Year’s Eve ceremony and potluck
  • Black Lightning Lodge, Toronto, ON, Canada – New Year’s Day ceremony

Visit our locations page to find a study group or lodge near you.

DTMMS in the Blogosphere

For those who don’t live near a DTMMS lodge, study group lodge, or study group (or for those who do, but want more ways to connect with these teachings and the people who study this path), there are DTMMS sponsored blogs and other blog venues for sharing the ideas and experiences of this path.

DTMMS sponsors a Blogger blog for guest writers to share their ideas and perspectives on these teachings.

Other blogs have been started by individuals who study on this path as a way of integrating their own experience:Questions of Spirit, The Inquiring Minds Salon, and The Path to Enlightenment is Paved By…? are three examples.

To contribute as a guest writer on the DTMMS sponsored blog, or to share the link to your own blog, contact

Gathering of DTMMS Leaders in the Midwest

On Saturday, October 30, fourteen DTMMS leaders from Chicago, Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, and the Detroit area were gathered by Med LaRou (co-leader of the Light Warrior Clan) for a day of reflection, inspiration, and strategy.  Together they asked:

  • how can we nurture and grow the Sweet Medicine SunDance path in the Midwest?
  • where do our passions for leadership lie?

Through both large and small group discussions, they clarified their goals and vision, identified key arenas and passions, and began developing strategies and tactics to foster connection, growth and vibrancy in the medicine community in the Midwest.

This group of leaders will continue to meet, drawing in the energies and inspiration of others as well, to further develop these ideas and to cultivate the actions and follow through that will create their vision.

May it be done in beauty!