Understanding Your Sacred Body Image

Do you sometimes ask yourself,
Why can’t I have a body like (Megan Fox, Taylor Lautner,
JLo, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, …)?

Consider this idea: Your body is perfectly designed for this lifetime.
Moreover, your body type brings with it particular strengths and beauties. 

According to the Shamanic tradition of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path the physical structure of a person’s body is no accident.

Before we came into this lifetime our spirit selected the best of five body types to give us the kind of power we need to boost our Soul’s evolution. Each of these five types has its own distinct beauties (“light side”) as well as possible pitfalls.

As we go through life’s events we often lose touch with the beauty of our body type, and become caught up in the pitfalls. This diminishes our ability to experience joy and pleasure, leaving us more vulnerable to getting stuck in patterns and relationships which just don’t work.

This weekend workshop, led by Janneke Laughing Williow, will take you through an exploration of the five body types, keys for identifying your own body type, and accessing and working with the light side of your body type.

Workshop details:
Dates: Friday Sept. 28 – 7 pm through Sunday Sept. 30 – 5 pm
Location: residential retreat center near Kalamazoo, MI

Sponsored by The Light Warrior Clan, a study group lodge of the Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society.  For more information, visit www.meetup.com/the-light-warrior-clan.

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