What People Say About Red Lodge

What People Say About Red Lodge

We asked our former Red Lodge students what words they would use to describe their personal experience and gains by being in the longhouse program. Here’s what they said. How will Red Lodge change you?

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Red Lodge: Introduction to The Path of The Sacred Warrior

At this time in history, there have never been more options for spiritual exploration.  Are you seeking a path to follow for sacred living?


Red Lodge: Introduction to The Path of The Sacred Warrior

Red Lodge is a structured, year-by-year program to take you through time-honored, alchemical ways of healing the self, developing your inner warrior and connecting with Spirit to live as a sacred human being in balance with life, nature and the sacred laws of the universe.

At this time in history, there have never been more options for spiritual exploration.  Many men and women are seeking their path to follow.  The Red Lodge Longhouse program is backed by a lineage of elders that have centuries of teachings and ceremonial experiences as a foundation for self-growth.  This offers all students the solidity needed to navigate the changing world we live in.

The Red Lodge Longhouse program offers teachings, tools, ceremonies and warrior techniques in six weekend sessions over the course of the year as well as one week out in nature for extended ceremonial experiences.  This program is open to all who are seeking their inner light and truth.  Each year’s group of students share in the interpersonal work to heal themselves and create a community of like-minded humans that desire to become sacred humans.

The path of the sacred warrior is indeed a great journey, and you must do the walking and have the willingness change and make the leap into the next level of human evolution. But for those who are willing to be an inquisitive, free-thinking individual who takes responsibility for your life, a life filled with dharmic opportunities is calling to your spirit.

Are you ready to make the leap?

Join us for our first 2014 session January 17 – 19, 2014 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Opening the Gates to the Human World, Part 4

Opening the gates to the human worldNote: December 21, 2012 was the final day in one of the Long Counts in the Mayan Calendar.  There were rumors that the end of that long count would also be the “end of the world”.  Within the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, this date represents the opportunity to enter a new world: the human world.  This is the fourth in a series, written by Janneke Koole, on the opening of the gates to the human world. In Part 4, we look at the Southwest and Northwest directions related to this prophecy.


This is the place of the dream, space and distance, and our process of experience. It is where we come to heal and restore ourselves back to the before. What we dream, becomes our future. For those who know how, dreaming extends all the way out into life on other planets. When a people no longer dream, they lose their will and so can be controlled to do the will of another.

The appalling levels of mediocrity and complacency in our society is fodder for the dark horse. It breeds despair and hopelessness and this leaves the door wide open for being gullible to false hopes. When the people surrender their freedom, the government takes over and begins to interfere inside even the most private and sacred spaces.

What can we do to make a difference? Stay awake, aware, and alert – even in your sleeping dream-time. Speak for the sanctity of home, hearth and heart. Promote the rights of the people to pursue their dream. Educate those in your circle of influence to pay attention to the decisions being made in your local community. And be willing to heal one another – fight for those alternative treatments that have the ability to cure without abandoning the gifts and technology of the traditional medical professionals. Explore Life in all aspects!


This is the place of rules and laws and so the home of government and politics. Perhaps one of the most striking contrasts are held in this direction. Consider Sacred Law, the honoring of the Children’s Fire, and the Cycles of Law as they are protected within the time-honored structures of the Council and Circle of Law. Now consider our corruption of our governmental process and the control by the wealthy and elite few bent on the creation of a new world order (not in the light). Consider also how principles, values, morals and ethics have drifted away from Sacred Law. And, before we dip into despair, consider also the quickly expanding numbers of people who have validated that their karma book is closed and their dharma book is open.

What can we do to make a difference? Study, participate, and implement the Council of Law, beginning in the lowest levels of local government. Practice neutral perception and clear communication. Create a productive, procreative lifestyle in dharma. Study Sacred Law – probe, examine, question boldly until you can discern what is sacred and how you can make a difference to promote the Light.

In Part 5, we look at the North and Northeast directions of the prophecies.  Click here for Part 5

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