The Worlds of the Great Spirit: The Beginning

Every culture, every people since always have had myths, stories and legends of how life began. In the tradition of the Twisted Hairs and the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, it is written that in the beginning since always, the Everything was created from within the void in which there was present a pure energy force called Chuluaqui (Chu-la-quay). It expresses itself as pure orgastic, harmonic and balancing vibration. Chuluaqui is, in essence, the spark of life that allows all things within Everything to take on their particular substance form.

Having seen and experienced the duality of itself, WahKahn (Great Grandmother Universe) and SsKwan (Great Grandfather Galaxy) came together through the sacred elements and female/male balance in total union of their emotional, mental, physical and sexual energies with the power of the Chuluaqui within each of them. This complete sexual union is the “Quodoushka”.

rainbow into field image

From the new energies which were born in this Quodoushka union, the universe emerged. This energy continued to give form and substance from fire and spirit until all things within the Everything were born. This included Grandfather Sun and the Mineral World within and throughout Grandmother Earth.

Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Earth, through Quodoushka, then gave birth to the Sacred Plants that emerged from the minerals of the Mineral World, then to the Sacred Animals, and finally to the last born, all Sacred Humans – ourselves.

Each of the Worlds of Grandmother Earth have a gift which they give or teach us. This is their medicine. If we as humans are open to receiving and giving these gifts, we become sacred, balanced humans and our world is indeed in harmony.

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