Strengthening Your Connection to the Mineral World

min-zen garden

A little child learns about the world through observation – miming, mimicking, and copying.  In Nature, we are the child, and the plants, animals, minerals, and spirit are the teachers.  Plants, animals, minerals, and spirit always communicate openly – no mind talk, no chatter – resonating in the various chakra centers of our body.  We can learn to hear by feeling their voices inside ourselves.

To start learning this new language, get into Nature away from noise and confusion.  Take an opportunity to wander in this place.  This is actually a walking meditation.  Don’t decide where to walk.  Quiet your mind; just walk and listen.

Walk as though you are playing a game in which an invisible friend is pulling you gently by a slender silver thread connected to your navel.  After a while, you may feel “drawn” to a particular place or stone without knowing why.  Take the time to send energy to that stone or rock, appreciating its beauty and its give-away.

Lie on your stomach on a large boulder.  Spread your arms and legs out, and focus on your navel.  As you breathe through your navel into the rock, experience the energy flowing between you and the rock.  Be aware of thoughts and insights that come to you that are not your thoughts.  You may suddenly know something, but don’t know how or why you know it.  Just accept it.  How does it make you feel?  Don’t let your mind kick in to question your sensations, feelings or hunches.  If distracting chatter intrudes, just let it pass through you and move back into your inner silence.  Communication will come through your body sensing and your chakras, through your intuition, and through your heart, not through your mind.

You may also want to take a class from someone who is an experienced practitioner in the use of crystals for balancing energy in the body.  Learn how to use crystal energy for your own healing.

Locate a Zen garden in your community to visit.  These gardens are arranged so that there is an instant communication that speaks as a wholeness.  A Zen garden has impact because of the artistry of the arrangement, to be sure, but it also communicates strongly because of the alchemy, because of the consciousness of the essence of the rocks and plants.  This environment stills your brain chatter.  You feel a part of it.  Everything else outside is eclipsed, and the rest of the world falls away.  So, what is it doing to you?  It is actually shifting you into an altered state of awareness and consciousness, letting you feel more connected.  Very often, you may feel a need to goo inward; you will feel your body relax and let go of stress.  The plants and rocks are speaking to you through pure energy-to-energy translation.

Check out the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi if you would like to learn more.

The Four Worlds of Great Spirit Recap

As humans we tend to think of ourselves as the only habitants of this planet. But in fact we live among four worlds on Grandmother Earth: the Mineral, the Plant, the Animal, and the Human. In the story of creation from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, each of these worlds had a way of coming into being and have special gifts they offer us to this day so that we may live in balance as one.

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photo by by Jenny Woodward

The Worlds of Great Spirit: The Animal World

In the story of creation from the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, the Animal World was the third to be created on what we know as Grandmother Earth. The Animal World are receivers of energy and teach us how to receive. Knowing how animals are receivers is probably easily understood by those of you who have pets.

Think of the times when you were sick or just “blue”, and your pet came to curl up beside you to “make you feel better.” Animals will naturally take on the energy of their human companion.

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In the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, animals are known as “Sweet Medicine.” Each animal through its habits and ways carries within its essence a medicine. Medicine is a gift of healing they bring to us if we align with them. Mostly they teach us to be who we are. You don’t see a dog wanting to act like a frog. A dog is content simply being a dog.

Animals are wonderful teachers and allies … IF we’re open to receive their gifts.