The Call Goes Out: 144,000 Rainbow Warriors Needed

We have only to read the newspapers or watch the reporters on TV. We have only to walk around in our neighborhood or listen to the stories our children bring home from school.

We have only to breathe the air or be stopped from swimming in the waters at the local beach.

We have only to stop a moment to look and listen.

Grandmother’s voice is heard …

in the gales of a hurricane,

the moans of a hungry child,

the extinction of another winged one,

and the trembling of the earth.

The call is made by all who love her …

by leaders with heart regardless of culture, color or creed,

by children not yet swayed by the meaningless mumble of empty words,

by all who know that change is inevitable,

and it is we who determine the outcome.

The time to respond is NOW … as it has always been and continues to be.

The time to respond is NOW.

lightning over mesa image


2 thoughts on “The Call Goes Out: 144,000 Rainbow Warriors Needed

  1. I have spent that last three years looking at various political and economic places to stand in relation to the ever worsening global and local situations. Presently, between the ebola outbreak on the one hand and UKIP on the other (here the UK) I have finally come to the conclusion that it is only my medicine work that has any direct relevancy and that has answers to the issues that I feel are the most pressing ie respect for the planet, for its indigenous peoples and for the lost and isolated people in our cities.

    With that it mind I choose to answer this call – with alacrity.

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