Are You Going With The Flow?

In the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, we often speak of “design and choreography of energy” … in other words how we design, direct and allow our energy to flow to help manifest our dreams and experience this dream of life.

Check out this video demonstrating a relaxed, focused oneness with the flow of energy. How well can we each take a focused, yet highly fluid and relaxed approach to simply flow without stress and be one with our own energy, and what we are manifesting right now? How well are you flowing today?



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Mihirangi Maori Concert Pay-Per-View Is Now!

Mihirangi Maori ConcertPay-Per-View Is Now!

Experience The 8 Great Powers Spiritual Connection

With the Culture, Heart and Music of Mihirangi from New Zealand!

In late September, the Phoenix area enjoyed the culture, heart and music of Mihirangi live in concert, through her voice and teachings. We did some magnificent editing of the show, and now it’s your turn to experience Mihirangi’s Te Ao Wairua (Tey! O Why-roo-a) lineage reflecting the waters of life, spirit and genealogy all the way back to the Pleiades (the star nation people) from the convenience of your computer, Smart TV or mobile device!

This is a unique opportunity for all as this is the first time Mihirangi has allowed these teachings to be recorded!

Experience via streaming media Mihirangi’s lineage stories and teachings, as well as her original, artistically superb, loop and acoustic music. Mihirangi reflects the belief of the Ancestral Lineages of the Maori that healing at a cellular level is cast by sound vibration and movement, and that MUSIC echoes the patterns and cycles of Creation and vibrates and pierces one to the core.

How do you sign up?

Go to . You can sign up and view any time between now and November 30th. Watch it on your own or have a viewing party with friends. The cost is $40 and proceeds go to DTMMS for the continuation and expansion of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path and our contribution to the collective human evolution.

Check out Mihirangi’s World Citizen clip above from the 9/26 concert in Scottsdale AZ on YouTube!