Birth Sitting Place Totem Animals


According to the teachings in the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path, each of the animal totems have their own give-away, particular gift or teaching, which is called its medicine. The following brief descriptions will assist you as you learn to establish your own relationship with your animal totems.

According to SunBear’s Earth Astrology, your BIRTH TOTEM sits in the South of your Wheel of Allies.

Snake – West Totem
The Snake, especially the rattlesnake, is the teacher of the nagual enemies of fear and death, the snake holds the secrets of spiritual sexuality, of Quodoushka. Protector of all the teacher plants and the healing herbs. Teacher of the Twenty Count (along with the raven and crow) in that the sigils of the Twenty Count and the four Worlds are carried on its back. Communicates telepathically with other animals. Protector of women’s lodges. Warns when you are out of alignment with the plant and mineral world. Keeper of alignment with Grandfather Sun as it sheds its skin yearly.

Elk – West-Northwest Totem
Master teacher and healer, the Elk is also the awakener of the unconscious. This keeper of thunder and lightning teaches us to “hear the lightning and see the thunder”. Helps bring us from fantasy into the light of knowledge. Master of rules and laws; teaches us to resolve our karma circles. Guardian of the gateway into the unknown (the nagual or spirit world). Master of physical sexuality and orgasm.

Snow Goose – North-Northwest Totem
Snow Goose is the bringer and keeper of the earthly, personal and tonal dream. Keeper of mirrors and the masks of self, our Book of Life. Translates the screenplay as we wrote it in our Book. Brings clarity to our awake dreaming.

Otter – North Totem
The Otter carries the ability to cleanse and purify the sacred waters, that is, all emotional states, blood, and lymphatic systems of humans. Teaches us how to play in our child shield and give with our heart; protects men as they learn to deal with the energy of women’s moon cycles.

Cougar – North-Northeast Totem
The Cougar, which includes all big cats like the puma, panther, mountain lion, is the keeper of balance and harmony on one’s Path with Heart. Teaches how to have balance in movement and change; how to awaken the aura, increase orende and make death an ally. Helps to design and bring in what’s needed for our Path with Heart. Balancer and healer of muscles, bones, joints. A supreme survivalist, it teaches us to stabilize and learn how to do any physical act without injury. Keeper of choreography.

Red Hawk – East-Northeast Totem
The keeper of relaxation and focus is the Red Hawk. Messenger of the tonal world and its organization as exemplified by how it builds its nest. Teaches flexibility within structure and form and is called the Architect of Spirit. Communicator and interpreter of language, it helps us to hear the inner dialogue between our higher and lower selves. Sees its own circle (that is, its pattern) both from nearby and far away.

Beaver – East Totem
The Beaver is the keeper of the sweat lodge; protector and teacher of all watches or circles; carrier of the rainbow and our concepts of self and life; teacher of the medicine of women. The beaver awakens in some women the power of their spiritual sexuality (their Quodoushka potential); healer of all physical health problems in women.

Deer – East-Southeast Totem
Keeper of magick, magickal law and alchemy., the Deer is the teacher of natural law and of swiftness. The mule deer is the image maze dancer as it knows how to enter our maze, where we are wandering around lost in our patterns; knows the earth and can identify danger as far ahead of time as twenty-four hours. The white-tail deer is the keeper of softness and the teacher of beauty, soft power and respect for feminine power (gentleness = strength).

Flicker – South-Southeast Totem
Similar to the woodpecker, the Flicker is the little awakener of unconscious knowledge, the creator of beauty, and the Little Artisan. This teacher of self-concepts knows healing medicine of all bundles, connections to the world of ancestors and the little people and alignment with ecological balance (especially via the insects).

Sturgeon – South Totem
The Sturgeon is the oldest of all living clean water fish and is thus known as the Keeper of Old Age. Teacher of longevity who dances with memories of the Water.  Cleans the depths of emotions.

Brown Bear – South-Southwest Totem
Because the Brown Bear usually has its tonal world in balance, it is the keeper and teacher of the everyday, tonal or personal dream.  Like the grizzly, it can help with introspection and teach you to step into the silence of your inner stillness.

Raven – West-Southwest Totem
The Raven is the keeper of magickal law and teacher of natural law. It dances with civil and social law in such a way as to teach us to see its foolishness. The raven cannot be deceived by religious law. The raven and crow both know the secrets of the Twenty Count, the power of light and our communication with nature. They are the messengers for sorcerers and shamans. They know Sacred Law.

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Finding Our Balance with the Food Chain

meat and vegies

We need the balance of male and female energy that comes from eating both plants and animals.  This is about alchemy, knowing your way of balance.

Many people refuse to eat meat because they see that as killing life.  What they fail to realize is that eating plants is also killing.  Plants are givers, and animals receive plant as food.  When you eat meat, the animal is helping you receive the plant, for an animal is a walking plant, in a sense.  Remember, death gives life.  The animal’s sacrifice empowers us, nurtures us, heals us, and teaches us how to receive.  We determine how that give-away is honored and respected by the way we receive it.  To deny that gift is to deny one of the important roles they play in the web of life of this planet.

On the other hand, there are those who refuse to eat meat not because they see it as intrinsically wrong, but because they are offended by the cruel and inhumane way animals are slaughtered and processed today.  We now live in a world where we are dependent on our food coming from and through the process of mass production.  Through your prayer and honoring of the food that comes to your table, you can determine what happens to its energy.  Offer thanks for its give-away, and say a sincere prayer to that animal or plant for the way in which it had to die for you.  This heart connection with the spirit of the plant or the animal can reinstate the natural balance and alignment with Sacred Law.  This is an example of energy transformation that we determine through our intent and our actions.

At the same time, you can actively lobby for reform in the food production industry and spend your consumer dollars in stores that stock products that are more in alignment with these principles.

Check out the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi if you would like to learn more.

How to Align with the Food We Eat


You can make a powerful connection with the worlds of Grandmother Earth through the food you eat in the following way: When you sit down to eat, look at every single plant and meat on your plate and envision it alive in its natural form.  Reflect for a moment about the preciousness, the sweetness, of that food usually taken for granted.  Them very clearly from your heart, say thank-you, and honor the way in which it died in order for you to be nourished.  Declare your intent – to gain the greatest amount of energy and nourishment possible from the food.

When you do this, you receive much more than just calories and vitamins; the plants and animals co-empower you through their give-away.  In this way, you engage in a process of connection and communication that transcends physical substance form.  Do this for one week, and then go back to your old routine and notice the difference in your energy.  This is a step for you towards alignment.  This also applies to people who say grace at a meal.  Usually, this is spoken as a prayer to God or Creator/Creatress for the blessing of the food.  In addition, however, offer your prayer of thanksgiving directly to the plants and animals that feed you.

Check out the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi if you would like to learn more.

Hokkshideh’s Sacred Dream


In the North is the place of wisdom and knowledge. This is the determination of this wheel. It is the Hokkshideh’s Sacred Dream. This dream asks, “What are you going to give back to self, life, and others?” This is why you have chosen to take form. It’s what you have to “give away” with beauty and love in order to bring healing and knowledge to all forms of all things. It is your determination as a sacred human on this planet.

Animal Medicine Monday – Dragon


Is there and animal in your life that shows up as a guide or messenger?  Would you like to understand what medicine they are bringing into your life?  There are four aspects to consider: habitat, mating, den, and response to wounding.

Habitat: do they nest in a tree or rock cliff?  Or dig a hole in the earth?  Do live by themselves, a pack, or a herd?  Do they roam far distances or stay in a very small area?

Mating: Are they playful and quick like the fox?  Do they have a pecking order like eagles?  Or a hierarchy like the elk?  Do they mate in seclusion or out on the range?

Den: Are their dens clean and tidy like the bear?  Or do they sleep standing up like the buffalo? Or maybe they back into their den like a raccoon?

Response to wounding: Do they whine, cry or whimper?  Go to their nest to die?  Or does their collective circle round them to heal the wounded?

These four aspects of any animal will begin to tell you what “medicine” they are sharing with you.  Let us look at the mythological dragon as an example:

Habitat – wherever it chooses
Mating – only equal dragon
Den – likes to play with a bunch of dragons, den in sanctuary, unconquerable
Response to Wounding – heals itself with own power

If dragon is your totem animal, what can these four things tell you about its medicine?


“The “power” of anything is its
essence and how it gives away and
touches others with beauty.

We gain clarity of who we truly are
in the wheel of life
through the reflection of the
powers of the directions.”

~ SwiftDeer

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.14.44 PM

The World in which We Live

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 9.14.16 PMThe world in which we live is defined by the powers of four DIRECTIONS and stabilized by four basic ELEMENTS.  Our lifestyle is determined by the four SEASONS and our companions on this earth consist of four groupings or what the Sweet Medicine SunDance Teachings call the four WORLDS. Within us, these elements, seasons and worlds are reflected in our heart, body, mind, spirit and soul. Both inside and outside of us humans the POWERS OF THE FOUR DIRECTIONS manifest their beauty and power.

Each of the directions, elements, seasons and worlds sit in a particular direction on the Medicine Wheel due to the essence of its energy and give away of beauty.