Earth Astrology: Spirit Keepers


According to SunBear’s Earth Astrology, the East animal on your Sitting Place Wheel of Allies is called your SPIRIT KEEPER. It guides your spiritual self-growth and development.

Coyote – South Spirit Keeper
A gentle trickster who teaches you about illusion and tricks people into the light by showing them their dark side with humor. Teacher of trust, innocence, humor and love. Teacher and protector of children. Master of disguise, camouflage and imagination. When you put on a coyote robe you can “see the world with a different eye”.
The astrology signs that have Coyote as a Spirit Keeper are Flicker (Cancer), Sturgeon (Leo), and Brown Bear (Virgo).

Grizzly Bear – West Spirit Keeper
The Keeper and Teacher of the Sacred Dream, called the “sleeper-dreamer”, teaches us to know ourselves through introspection of the dream and teaches us to sleep dream and actualize our reality. A great dream interpreter, the grizzly bear teaches us how to survive turmoil and trauma. Teaches protection of home, loved ones and possessions. Teaches us to stand and walk tall: how not to give power away to tyrants and how to pace our physical body.
The astrology signs that have Grizzly Bear as a Spirit Keeper are Raven (Libra), Snake (Scorpio), and Elk, (Sagittarius).

Buffalo – North Spirit Keeper
The Keeper of wisdom and logic teaches pure science and natural law. It is the great provider, the give-away to the people. Teaches survival, alignment, harmonic resonance, wisdom, balance. Protector of Earth Mother, the spiritual energy of the plant world (i.e. water, earth and plants). Carrier of the sacred Medicine Pipe.
The astrology signs that have Buffalo as a Spirit Keeper are Snow Goose (Capricorn), Otter (Aquarius), and Cougar (Pisces).

Eagle – East Spirit Keeper
The teacher of individual autonomy, free will and freedom. Carries the messages of the heart of the Medicine Pipe. Carrier of enlightenment, motivation and illumination. The highest flyer, it sees farthest of all winged ones. Communicator of the Great Spirit to us and is called the Holy Ghost by Christians. (The condor is called the peace eagle; wild turkeys are called ground eagles).
The astrology signs that have Eagle as a Spirit Keeper are Red Hawk (Aries), Beaver (Taurus), and Deer (Gemini).

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