Compliment to Your Birth Totem Animal

As we build the Sitting Place Wheel of Allies of each earth astrology sign, we now know that your birth totem animal sits in the south of your wheel, your clan animal sits in the west, and your spirit keeper totem sits in the east.  The North animal on your wheel is the COMPLEMENT TO YOUR BIRTH animal.  As you look across the wheel of birth totem animals, you receive an opposite reflection of who you were born to be.  This opens us up to multiple viewing points and assists us in evolving.

  snake-totem  beaver

If you are a Snake (Scorpio), your Opposite Reflection Totem Animal is the Beaver, and vice versa.

elk-bull  deer-1323002_1280

Elk – Deer

snow-goose  flicker-totem

Snow Goose – Flicker

otter-totem 2  sturgeon-totem

Otter – Sturgeon

cougar-totem  brown bear-totem

Cougar – Brown Bear

red-hawk-totem  raven-totem

Red Hawk – Raven

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