Earth Astrology: Raven


According to SunBear’s Earth Astrology, Raven is the Totem animal that corresponds to the Sun sign of Libra.

Raven is the keeper of magical law, teacher of natural law and dances with civil and social law.  They teach us to see the foolishness of civil/social law and to not be deceived by religious law.  Raven, Crow and Snake know the secrets of the twenty-count and communicate with numbers.  Raven teaches the power of light and communication with nature.  They know sacred law and can be the messenger for sorcerers and shamans. They are also known as a Trickster.

Crow, a member of the same family of birds as the Raven, has the ability to cloak and shadow.  Crows are the keepers of all natural law and messengers between medicine men.  They teach of civil and social law and dances with magickal law.  They also know the secrets of the counts and communicates with numbers.

To learn more about Ravens and Crows, how they think, communicate, share knowledge, and so much more, check out this documentary.