Earth Astrology: Clan Animals


The West animal on your Sitting Place Wheel of Allies is called your CLAN ANIMAL, according to SunBear’s Earth Astrology. It identifies which animal clan you belong to and guides you to see your greatest weakness as a strength and your greatest strength as a weakness. Its focus is your physical mastery.

Frog – Water Clan
A cross-cultural symbol as a totem for the shaman, this “shield-jumper” helps us to integrate all the teachings of the different powers into our own system of knowledge. (A shield is a body of knowledge.) The frog is the keeper of the great memory clans, secret societies and magickal lodges.
The astrology signs that have Frog as their Clan Animal are Snake (Scorpio), Cougar (Pisces), and Flicker (Cancer).

Turtle – Earth Clan
Sigil of Grandmother Earth, the turtle is the keeper of the teachings of shields and carrier of teachings of humanity.  The turtle teaches the sacredness of the Earth Lodge (including our bodies) and is the protector of the lodges of women, keeping both our home and womb sacred. The turtle also brings alignment with the mineral world, especially that of the crystals.
The astrology signs that have Turtle as their Clan Animal are Brown Bear (Virgo), Snow Goose (Sagittarius), and Beaver (Taurus).

Butterfly – Wind Clan
The keeper and protector or beautifier of all power spots, the butterfly holds the secret to metamorphosis, shapeshifting and all change. The butterfly does not come near negative energy and, in this way, reveals evil.  It teaches us how to live life with intensity. Keeper of the dream of Beauty, it teaches the secrets of woman’s beauty and mystery.
The astrology signs that have Butterfly as their Clan Animal are Raven (Libra), Otter, (Aquarius), and Deer (Gemini).

Thunderbird – Fire Clan
The bringer of thunder, lightning and rain; awakener of the voice of our Hokkshideh; keeper of memory. The thunderbird is the over-soul of all winged ones and thus is able to communicate with all the winged ones. It teaches mastery of elemental alchemy. The thunderbird is the mythological equivalent to the phoenix, the dragon, the peyote waterbird and is a cousin to the roadrunner.
The astrology signs that have Thunderbird as their Clan Animal are Sturgeon (Leo), Elk, (Capricorn), and Red Hawk (Aries).

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Key to Being a Strong Dreamer…


The key to being a strong dreamer is physical mastery in the third dimensional reality. Any way you look at it, this means discipline, commitment, and follow-through using the techniques that develop the dream mind body.

Children of Grandmother Earth, The Human World

circle_1280Each of the worlds have a wheel of their own.  Each of the directions dance with the Human World in different ways.

In the South are the red humans.  These are the peoples who are most closely aligned with the heart, the fluidity of emotions. They teach us the way of one-heartedness, having a heart connection to all forms of Life in a beauty way. It is to these sisters and brothers that we owe these Sweet Medicine SunDance teachings.

In the West are the black humans. These brothers and sisters teach us about physical mastery and power, the body’s agility, rhythm, strength, and endurance.

In the North are the white humans, the people of the mind, of modern technology who have greatly advanced the evolution of civilization. However, they have significantly forgotten to do so in balance and harmony.

In the East are the yellow humans. These sisters and brothers teach us about the spirit.

In the Center are the Métis rainbow humans. These are all those who realize that no matter what color the skin, no matter what race or cultural heritage, we all have red blood, black pupils in our eyes, white bones, and yellow marrow in our bones. They teach us the ways of the Five Huaquas: health, happiness, humor, hope, and harmony. These are the gifts of being truly human. In order for us as humans to achieve these qualities of human-ness

We must:

  • GIVE WITH TENDERNESS – having as our intent to gather together in our heart space
  • HOLD & TRANSFORM WITH INTIMACY – by caring for one another in our physical bodies
  • RECEIVE WITH CARING – by teaching one another within respect and honor
  • DETERMINE WITH PASSION AND LUST – by sharing with one another our fire, our inspiration
  • CATALYZE WITH OPEN HEART-TO-HEART COMMUNICATION – by being intimate with one another

Remember we said wherever you have four, you also have five. So with the four Worlds is the fifth World: In the center of all Worlds is the World of Spirit, the catalyzer of all energy.

All forms of life have “spirit” (manitou): they have life force energy, which we call the catalyst, pulsing through their form.