Compliment to Your Birth Totem Animal

As we build the Sitting Place Wheel of Allies of each earth astrology sign, we now know that your birth totem animal sits in the south of your wheel, your clan animal sits in the west, and your spirit keeper totem sits in the east.  The North animal on your wheel is the COMPLEMENT TO YOUR BIRTH animal.  As you look across the wheel of birth totem animals, you receive an opposite reflection of who you were born to be.  This opens us up to multiple viewing points and assists us in evolving.

  snake-totem  beaver

If you are a Snake (Scorpio), your Opposite Reflection Totem Animal is the Beaver, and vice versa.

elk-bull  deer-1323002_1280

Elk – Deer

snow-goose  flicker-totem

Snow Goose – Flicker

otter-totem 2  sturgeon-totem

Otter – Sturgeon

cougar-totem  brown bear-totem

Cougar – Brown Bear

red-hawk-totem  raven-totem

Red Hawk – Raven

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Reflections: Void Element

17_1009 void reflection

The fifth element, the void, is not one we are as familiar with for it cannot be handled in the same way as the other four elements.  The void is invisible to the normal or naked eye.  It appears to simply be empty space.  Yet, this emptiness contains the mystery of life, the forces of creation, the magnetism of spirit. Look into this mystery and feel its pull.

Choose a cloud-free night when the moon is dark.
Take a blanket and all you need to be comfortable.
Lie down on your back.
Place your hands on your belly, thumbs just above your navel,
Fingers spanning the area below the navel.
Become soft within.
Gaze up at the night sky – into the dark spaces between the stars.
Simultaneously, feel the empty, dark space under your hands.
Know them as one space.
Both inner and outer carrying the great void.
When you are there, ask yourself this question:
“What is asking to be birthed through me?”


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Five Reflections: Water Element

17_1005 water reflection

We can go to the water and let it cleanse us and open our heart.

Take a small bowl of water into your hands.
Bless the water with your love.
Give some to a tree or plant and offer thanks.
Feel your heart open to connect with Life.
Take a sip and drink of this Life.
Feel it go down, supporting the life within your body.
Dip your fingers in and sprinkle some on your face.
Feel the drops refresh your skin.
Dip again and sprinkle some all around you – share the blessing.
Feel the joy of presence in this moment.


If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Journeys into the Mirror: A Journal for Women written by Janneke Koole, Illustrated by Mukee Okan, you can find it at DTMMS.

Mirror of Self-Reflection

17_1003 Reflection

We begin this series today to alert you, inspire you, and support you to see, to feel, and to know yourself.  Each post will be an invitation to look into the mirror of nature, of life, or your own being to catch glimpses of beauty and know you are blessed.

What do we mean by the ‘mirror of something’?

We look into the mirror often – several times a day.  Some are compulsive, worried; few are admiring, endearing; and many look without seeing.  We spend an inordinate amount of time, energy and money concerned about our external beauty – without apparent satisfaction.

We fix our hair, check for wrinkles, pull unwanted hairs, and for goodness sake, let there be no streak or smear or embarrassing messes.  Most gaze only at the surface appearances.  Most are concerned only about what others will see and what they will think.

Some look to see themselves – without this look, there is little self-awareness of how they are present in the world.  Few of us actually gaze a little deeper – few take time to connect to who is really looking into that mirror.

It has been said, “The eyes are the mirror of the soul.”  We know this depth when gazing into the eyes of our beloved.  We recognize this truth when we hold a young infant and feel the wisdom of eternity gazing back at us.  But, do we see it when we look into our own eyes? Do we dare SEE our own SOUL?

So often, we blind ourselves with projections of expectations, emotions held over from unresolved past experiences and false beliefs that cloud our perceptions.  When we look in the mirror, our eyes are glazed over, veiled so we cannot see / feel the Truth.  We glance when no one is looking.  We turn away when the reflection is objective and clear.  And so, we into our day with our burdens intact and our old beliefs unchanged.

The upcoming posts are taken from Journeys into the Mirror written by Janneke Koole, one of the leaders on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path.  Each post will invite you to look and see – to really see and get to know who it is that is looking in the mirror.  You will be invited to look into nature as if it were a mirror.

Nature, our Great Mother, is calling us.  As you read the posts, take a moment to stop your busy-ness and listen.  Open your heart and let the smile of recognition nourish your inner beauty.  In this way, you will be blessed this day – and you will be a greater blessing to others.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Journeys into the Mirror: A Journal for Women written by Janneke Koole, Illustrated by Mukee Okan, you can find it at DTMMS.

Shideh’s Personal Dream


In the South is the place of trust and innocence—the form of this wheel. It is the Shideh’s Personal Dream. This is the Shideh’s (lower self) means of daily survival and interaction with the world. The Shideh seeks freedom. That is, our spirit personality is seeking individuality within this physical form. We must break out of our patterns of doubt, fear, guilt, blame, shame, and insecurity. The Shideh wants to learn how to “free think,” to break out of the way it was “schooled” to think with learned responses. In order to do this, we must step out of the ordinary and into the bizarre and unusual. Free thinking requires time spent in solitude and reflection.

Wisdom = Power = Attention


This formula tells you that all wisdom and memory which gives you power is nothing but attention. Where you place your attention, what you focus on is the key. If you can focus and keep your attention on the attraction, you gain a true reflection of your image. By receiving a reflection, rather than a distortion, you gain energy, even when you are confronting a tyrant. This is true in both the tonal (substance) and nagual (spirit) reality.

Distorted energy occurs when you put your attention on distractions. Distractions are like little vacuum cleaner hoses hooked up to you, sucking out your orende or energy. For example, you are sitting at your desk doing your work and all of a sudden you think about picking the clothes up from the cleaners on the way home, the fight you had with your spouse yesterday, and a meeting you must prepare for in two days. Each one of these thoughts are like a suction hose. They are distractions that take you away from what you are focusing on in the now and suck your orende or power.

The key to dancing awake the daydream is to give one thing or task your full attention and focus in the moment. When you stop being distracted and focus your energy, you will achieve alignment with the present moment and actually stop the aging process. Your attention will always go to the strongest energy within your space. Distractions will take you away from Power. Most of the time, the average human’s psyche is consumed by the past. Trying to get into and stay within the present, the NOW, is another way to speak about maturity.