Earth Astrology: Wheel of Animals


Each Sitting Place has a wheel of eight animal allies (see previous page). In each direction is seated a Sweet Medicine totem guide who is a master of that particular energy for you. This ally or spirit guide is “on call” for you, ready to assist you in gaining mastery and balance.

Your BIRTH TOTEM sits in the South of your Wheel of Allies.

The North animal on your Sitting Place Wheel of Allies is the COMPLEMENT TO YOUR BIRTH TOTEM.

The East animal on your Sitting Place Wheel of Allies is called your SPIRIT KEEPER. It guides your spiritual self-growth and development.

The West animal on your Sitting Place Wheel of Allies is called your CLAN ANIMAL. It identifies which animal clan you belong to and guides you to see your greatest weakness as a strength and your greatest strength as a weakness. Its focus is your physical mastery.

The allies seated in the non-cardinals deal specifically with the way you run your patterns on the Wheel of Life. Since the non-cardinals of any wheel keep energy moving, these allies carry the medicine in those directions that will keep you out of pattern, out of the dark side favored by the “one who will not see”, your Shideh.

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Human World: Black Humans


In the West, we hold with the physical body with intimacy. Now, this does not mean to hold as in hold on tight.  It is holding in the sense of transforming energy through stabilization and for utilization.  Think of it as an electrical cord. The body is the structure through which electrical energy moves like a conduit, and provides the transformed energy to turn a fan, or work a toaster, or move the body parts.

We incarnate into this race with the opportunity to integrate the attributes of the West – learning ow to hold and transform energy within our body, to develop mastery, and to experience our body as he sacred temple it truly is.

Check out the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi if you would like to learn more.