SunDance Story of Creation, part 2

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Once the Everything knew its feminine and masculine aspects, the breath of Wakan Tanka birthed first of the four sacred elements, air. The second element was fire, the spirit of the Chuluaqui force of Wakan Tanka. Then from the space of its female and male side, WahKahn and SsKwan came together with the energy force of their separate Chuluaqui energies combining in a whirlwind serpent-fire of total love and the third element of water was created. From the two Chuluaqui energies came Quodoushka, the sacred marriage and union of the male and female energies which together become greater than the sum of the parts and thus became the heart of Wakan Tanka. Then seeing that the purpose of creation was discovering substance form through the act of orgastic pleasure in order to gain knowledge of itself, Wakan Tanka (WahKahn/SsKwan) made love and created all things within the Everything. Thus the fourth element of earth became the physical manifestations of the love energy of the Great Spirit

SunDance Story of Creation, part 1

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.29.41 PMEvery culture, every people since always have had myths, stories and legends of how life began. The Twisted Hairs’ story of creation is written in the records of the sacred kiva, their underground meeting place. Here, SwiftDeer retells that story.

In the beginning, since always, the Everything was created from within the Void in which there was present pure energy force called Chuluaqui. Chuluaqui is the primal and primordial life force of pure light energy that is the source of all light energy movement within all things of the Everything. We could say that Chuluaqui is the source of the force of Wakan Tanka. It expresses itself as pure orgastic, harmonic and balancing energy vibration and is, in essence, the spark of life that allows all things within the Everything to take on their particular substance form.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.26.52 PMAs Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit and Sacred Mystery which is called the Everything, took breath, it inhaled with implosive force its Chuluaqui and thus discovered its female being. This creative receptive force became the egg of all creation known as WahKahn, the Universe, our sacred Great Grandmother. Then Wakan Tanka exhaled and in so doing discovered its male side, the active conceptive force, the seed of all creation known as SsKwan, the Galaxy, our sacred Great Grandfather.

From Zero, Unity Emerges

Within mathematics as the language of the Universe, Zero (0) is a very interesting concept. Until the 1500’s “Western thought” didn’t examine the concept of Zero (0). When it finally did, the meaning of 0 was deemed to be nothing – the absence of any form of any thing.

This Western notion of 0 is completely contrary to Sacred Law, which states that Zero (0) is the potential for all forms of all things… hence, the “Everything.”

Double zero (00) or 20 is everything that emerged from this potential and will continue to emerge.

WahKahn, the inhale, means the void of receptive creativity, the Great Mother or Creatrix. It is the universe itself. It birthed the eggs of all creation.

SSKwan, the exhale, is the essence of the active conceptive power, the Creator, the galaxy. It birthed the seeds of all creation.

Zero (0) is the point at which all of the energy present gained consciousness and took a breath. Until it took a breath, it was simply imploding and exploding. It did not create itself into all forms of all things.


When the first sacred breath was taken, it brought the feminine and the masculine energy together as ONE. Out of Zero (0) emerge an absolute unity. This unity is what we call Wakan Tanka, The Great Spirit.