Orende: Our Life Force Energy


You may know different words that describe our life force energy: chi, ki, prana, or chuluaqui. Orende is a word that indicates the measure of duration and intensity, both internally and externally, of our life force energy. Simply put, it measures how strong our life force is.

Everything that is in existence has an energy and vibration called Orende. This includes human beings. For example, our sun has an overall energy vibration measure of one. Our planet has an overall energy vibration measure of two. The plants have a vibration of three, and the animals are four. When a human is fully awakened, they have an overall energy vibration of five or above. The higher the orende level, the more stamina, endurance, and overall energy you will have.

The measure and duration of our life force energy as it manifests in this 3rd dimensional, substance reality is defined as Tonal orende.  In humans, tonal orende is calculated based on five different aspects: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual.

7 Steps of Process – The Test


There is a way to tell if you have been successful in identifying the Seven Steps of Process. Step seven—Freedom—will always be a higher octave vibration of the first step—Focus. Step six—Imagination—will always be a higher octave vibration of step two—Substance. Step five—Understanding—will always be a higher octave vibration than three—Form. The fourth step is the most determined and has its own frequency and vibration. Determination always stands alone.

Let’s look at the example of the rose to see how this formula works, from the perspective of each number.

Seven is a higher vibration of one:
(7) Free, autonomous individuality allows all forms of all things to vibrate with (show off) their attraction, their own uniqueness. Walking down the street within the energy of co-empowerment (which occurs at the 7th step, Freedom) increases your ability to be an attraction and to be attracted to other attraction energies.

(1) Attraction is the essence of step 1, Focus. You are free to focus your attention.

Six is a higher vibration of two:
(6) Stretching your imagination breaks the limitation of pre-thought thoughts and opens up our capacity for free thinking.

(2) Many people skip over the second step, jumping straight to Form. By the time they reach step six, the sunflower (or any experience) is a sunflower is a sunflower. Imagination allows us to explore the universe held within substance.

Five is a higher vibration of three:
(5) Understanding is the communication between yourself and the sunflower.

(3) Acceptance and tolerance within the relationship of one form (yourself) and another form (the sunflower) is the song of understanding the impact one has on the other.

Four always stands by itself:
(4) Whether you observed, moved away from, or cut the sunflower, your actions are what they are and stand by themselves.


Song of the Cosmos

birds_1280Everything in the cosmos has a vibration, a frequency, a song or dance.  The Twenty Count is the skeleton of and the key to all knowledge. It is a blueprint to understand the sacred powers of the Universe.  Through our interaction with these Twenty Powers, we are able to experience how all forms of all things are interconnected, interreliable and interdependent with all forms of all other things. The Twenty Count opens the door to magick and mystery.

No matter how many times we study these Powers, each time again, we discover a new aspect of the Great Mystery.