Magick & Alchemy is the Body…

MAGICK AND ALCHEMY is the BODY of the Twenty Count. Our bodies are the vehicles for felt knowledge, for validation through experience to the point where we truly know. Magick is the process of aligning with any energy that is present to be able to discern its nature and then by adding our own energy, to direct its movement and expression.  Knowledge of the Twenty Count allows us to create change in our reality because it is the very structure of reality.elements_1280

Science & Philosophy are the Mind…

yin_1280SCIENCE AND PHILOSOPHY are the MIND of the Twenty Count. As humans continue to delve into the mystery of life and seek to understand who we are, were we came from, why we are here and where we are going, Science and Philosophy discovers more and more answers. These answers are rarely new. Ancient myths and legends since always have spoken of the meaning of life. As the mind seeks to unravel the mystery, Science and Philosophy put forth their points of view. The Twenty contains within it all that there is to know. It is up to us to discern its depth and wisdom.

Mathematics is the Language…

fractal_1280MATHEMATICS is the LANGUAGE of the Twenty Count powers. Each number signifies a power or energy. Each power vibrates at a different level of energy. Each level of light-breath-life takes on a particular form and function. All form and matter can be broken down to basic geometric forms, according to the grand design of the Great Architect.

Song of the Cosmos

birds_1280Everything in the cosmos has a vibration, a frequency, a song or dance.  The Twenty Count is the skeleton of and the key to all knowledge. It is a blueprint to understand the sacred powers of the Universe.  Through our interaction with these Twenty Powers, we are able to experience how all forms of all things are interconnected, interreliable and interdependent with all forms of all other things. The Twenty Count opens the door to magick and mystery.

No matter how many times we study these Powers, each time again, we discover a new aspect of the Great Mystery.

SunDance Story of Creation, part 1

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.29.41 PMEvery culture, every people since always have had myths, stories and legends of how life began. The Twisted Hairs’ story of creation is written in the records of the sacred kiva, their underground meeting place. Here, SwiftDeer retells that story.

In the beginning, since always, the Everything was created from within the Void in which there was present pure energy force called Chuluaqui. Chuluaqui is the primal and primordial life force of pure light energy that is the source of all light energy movement within all things of the Everything. We could say that Chuluaqui is the source of the force of Wakan Tanka. It expresses itself as pure orgastic, harmonic and balancing energy vibration and is, in essence, the spark of life that allows all things within the Everything to take on their particular substance form.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.26.52 PMAs Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit and Sacred Mystery which is called the Everything, took breath, it inhaled with implosive force its Chuluaqui and thus discovered its female being. This creative receptive force became the egg of all creation known as WahKahn, the Universe, our sacred Great Grandmother. Then Wakan Tanka exhaled and in so doing discovered its male side, the active conceptive force, the seed of all creation known as SsKwan, the Galaxy, our sacred Great Grandfather.

The Dance of the Twenty Count: An Intro

The Children’s Twenty Count is a way of perceiving the special qualities and “give away” of the sacred powers of the universe and relating them to the numbers 1-20. This provides a valuable mathematical system the describes the interrelationships of the powers to one another and forms the basic framework for all of the Sweet Medicine SunDance teachings.

The Children’s Twenty Count describes our world as we live in it, and the powers that influence us here in our attempt to establish interconnection, interreliability and interdependence with all things.

In upcoming posts, we’ll take you through each of the powers to introduce you to qualities, vibrations, and give aways of 1 -20 of the Children’s Twenty Count.

meteor shower over pikes peak

Special recognition and thanks to Harley SwiftDeer Reagan for “Song of the Twenty

Let me sing to you the Song of the Twenty Powers within the Song of the Universe. It is like an Orchestra whose members have played together, since always. Each member of this Orchestra has its instrument, its sound, it light, its energy, its harmonic vibration called orende. Each has its giveaway to the collective sound, even though it has its separate and distinct sound.

Within this Orchestra called the Everything, there are twenty sections or parts, the Twenty Sacred Powers. This Everything Orchestra has a Great Spirit within every member and within every instrument, and how it plays the sound and songs of Beauty and Light is indeed a Mystery. This Great Mystery has existed since always and will continue for always, even as it is playing now… Let us listen, and see if we can hear our Song.