Be A Tree


After communicating with the tree, practice being that tree you are talking to.  Move your body and arms, mimicking its limbs and bending in the wind.  Let your body take on the structure and form of the tree.  Don’t let your mind determine what this should look like.  Go inside and listen.  Feel what it feels like to be a tree.  Let its voice, resonating inside you, guide you into the shape of its spirit.  And whatever you do, don’t be inhibited by the thought that someone might be seeing you act like this.  Your actions might intrigue them.  Then you can become their guide.

When you take your leave of the tree, thank it with an offering of tobacco, corn paho, or a strand of your hair.  Practice this, and you will experience a powerful connection, not only to nature, but to every other aspect of your life.  Learning this new language doesn’t require long journeys, expensive equipment, or great amounts of time.  All it takes is practice with an open heart, receptivity, and a strong desire to rediscover the shining of your true nature.

Check out the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi if you would like to learn more.

Talk to Trees


Walk out in the woods, or park or even your own backyard.  Connect directly with a tree that has attracted you or pulled you to it.  Put your arms around the trunk of a tree, sit in the tree, connect physically with it in some way.  Offer a prayer and perhaps some tobacco or corn paho (fine cornmeal).  This is a way of saying thank-you and honoring the tree for its gifts and its beauty.  Talk from your heart – maybe say something like this: “I’m new at this.  In fact, I feel awkward talking to you.  I’ve been told that you can communicate with all the worlds, so talk to me and teach me how to hear your voice.”

Then be quiet and listen.  It’s that simple.  If you don’t feel a connection at first, don’t give up.  You have to relearn, remember actually, how to listen as you did as a small child when you were still closely connected to all things in the Great Round of spirit.

Check out the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi if you would like to learn more.

Do Trees Communicate?

Trees have long been a symbol of “life” in a variety of traditions through the ages. You may have observed how its limbs, branches, leaves kiss the sky and grow each year reaching upward toward the sky (“the as above“) while its roots are well entrenched in Grandmother Earth (“the so below“) to feed and nourish its own ecosystem, while providing oxygen and substance for the ecosystem surrounding it. But did you also know that trees have a unique way of communicating with the worlds of Grandmother Earth  including us?

Take a look at this video discussing how science currently sees that trees can and do communicate.

“The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity… and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself.” – William Blake