Be Your Own Teacher

empty glassIt is important to recognize that no one can teach you anything.  Someone can impart knowledge to you and guide you, but ultimately, you teach yourself.  Furthermore, don’t always believe at accept at face value what someone tells you, what you see or hear in the media, or what a teacher presents to you.  Check it out for yourself.  Keep an open mind.  Be an empty cup.  Explore what is given.  See if the knowledge works for you.  Try first to prove it absolutely true; then test it by trying to prove it absolutely false.  In the process, you will find what resonates with you.  A master teacher will always encourage you to question.

To learn more, check out the Song of the Deer by Thunder Strikes with Jan Orsi.

Refuge in the Warrior’s Way


On some levels, we all have an awakening, a jolt, a “knock of spirit” that leads us to a Path with Heart or to a master teacher.  To take refuge in the warrior’s way is to acknowledge the possibility and probabilities of our own resourcefulness in light of the inspiration and motivation provided by our mentor(s).  Our refuge is our reference point to ever remind us of the truths of the Path we have chosen to follow.

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